Caviar and maggots! Michigan Policast 010 August 17 2014

August 20, 2014

This show is a bit late due to my recent road trip across the country.  We delayed it so that I could participate, but it didn’t work out, so today you get Amy and Walt without the Christine.  (Try not to notice the significant improvement!!)

We have a bit of audio from Governor Snyder lamenting about his leaky roof.  You want to hear this audio, if you haven’t.  Frank Beckmann is doing his best to set Snyder up as a regular guy who can relate to the flooding disaster, and then …. facepalm.

Here’s the audio by itself:


There’s also a brief conversation on the erosion of democracy in the state.  We have an interview with Kristi Lloyd of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, who has worked on two petition drives on the wolf issue.  Both have been destroyed by the legislature.  In short, the legislature engaged in some political maneuvering to make the citizen petition drives irrelevant.


For more information on how you can help keep Michigan wolves protected, visit



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