Clean water, 2020 ballot initiatives, and Bob Emerson on where to get the money to FTDR. Michigan Policast Episode 33

February 11, 2019

Michigan Policast for Monday, February 11, 2019

Republicans push back on Governor Whitmer’s environmental protection initiatives, the clock is ticking on the 2020 ballot initiatives, and Bob Emerson talks about how to fund our road repairs.

  • Walt and Christine kick off the show with some background on Governor Whitmer’s environmental protection initiative and why the Republicans are trying to kill it.
  • Walt was one of the early participants in the Voters Not Politicians ballot initiative to eliminate gerrymandering in Michigan.  He runs through the 2020 ballot initiatives and the challenges facing these grassroots efforts.
Remember those polluter panels in charge of Michigan's DEQ permit approvals? @GretchenWhitmer gets rid of them, but @MiHouseGOP demands they be restored. Click To Tweet

Fix the Damn Roads report: a bipartisan group of government elders comes up with a plan to pay for Michigan’s road repairs.  The group consists of former House Speaker Raul Hillegonds (R), former Senate Republican Leader Ken Sikkema, former Democratic Lt Governor John Cherry, and former House Democratic Leader Bob Emerson, who also served as State Budget Director.  Walt talks to Emerson about the group’s efforts and recommendations.

Our hearts are heavy for John Dingell.

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We will never forget @JohnDingell 's many contributions to our quality of life in Michigan and throughout the US. July 8, 1926 - February 7, 2019Click To Tweet


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