Bernie visits Michigan, Mayor Pete could be President, Michigan outlaws cyberbullying, and Gilda Jacobs talks census

April 16, 2019

Michigan Policast for April 15, 2019

Walt, Amy, and Christine chat about the primaries.

Segment 1:  Does Michigan belong to Bernie?  Biden leads in Michigan right now, but so did Hillary.  Will the pollsters repeat the mistakes of 2016?


Segment 2:  What about Mayor Pete?  What kind of impact will the LGBTQ community have on his campaign?  How important is his age to this era of politics?

In segment 3 Amy covers the Michigan cyberbullying law that was pushed through lame duck last year. Much of the information in Amy’s segment is covered in her upcoming piece in the Northern Express.


This week Walt speaks to Gilda Jacobs, Executive Director of the Michigan League for Public Policy.  Gilda joins us to discuss the importance of an accurate census and what the numbers will mean to public services in Michigan.

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