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August 10, 2014

After a brief chat on Wednesday 8/6, we all decided that it would be best to wait a day and record on Thursday.  There were so many things going on after the primaries, and we were all either wiped out, burned out, or bummed out.  So we waited a day, and ended up getting a new story out of it.  Thursday morning, the Lansing Democrats held a press conference on yet another Snyder scandal (YASS, so we don't miss out on an acronym).

The Democrats, with supporting documentation, allege that MSHDA Director Scott Woosley and other top MSHDA staffers have been overspending on travel and abusing the expense reimbursement system.  Your pals here at the Michigan Policast find this to be pretty gross, considering how the rest of us have been awash in Snyder's “shared sacrifice.”  Scott Woosley has since resigned from MSHDA, which was easy for him to do since he never actually left the job he had before.  We are thinking he never would have bothered to resign if Mark Schauer wasn't neck & neck with Snyder in an election year …


MSHDA company car
Next we chat about Paul Mitchell (oops), Justin Amash (oh snap!), and Mike Bishop (hid in a bathroom when Gov Granholm tried to shake his hand … true story).  We can take Mike Bishop.

(By the way I accidentally said Mike Bishop was horrible working with the Democratic Congress .. I meant the Democratic State House.  Derp.)

Then we get into Greg MacMaster and his mother.  More specifically, the 37th, and Greg's mama just happened to come up.

That's it, hope you enjoy the show!


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