Just like the honey badger! Michigan Policast 011 August 24 2014

August 26, 2014

This show was recorded on Sunday, our new recording day.  We moved from Wednesday to the weekend in part to make it easier on us, but primarily because it just made sense with the news we were covering.   This is also the first episode where I invoke a 4 letter word.  There was some behind-the-scenes discussion as to whether I used the correct 4 letter word, but this video should put that debate to rest.  😉

In this episode I discuss whether Snyder is aloof, deliberately aloof, or really really deliberately aloof.  Listen to my segment and then tell me that Rick Snyder doesn't remind you of the honey badger.

Walt and Amy talk about the conventions.   Is the GOP united?  (bahaha)  Is Brian Calley conservative enough?  Are the Republicans truly walking toward socialism?

The Dems are definitely more united and ready to move forward.  Some conversations around the issue of anti-choice and abortion litmus tests.  Interesting commentary here on the platform and the candidates.  Affordable Care Act has a cameo here.

Ok not really a cameo, but you get the idea.

Ingham County has a bunch of war-cop equipment!  OMG.  Amy gives dollars and types of equipment, and Walt gives an eye-witness account of police-soldiers going past his house.  Can the anti-roadside landmine equipment protect the police from Michigan's bad roads?  We're the only media outlet in Michigan bringing you that conversation right now.  Bookmark us.

Next up we bring Eric Schertzing, our Democratic candidate for Congress in the 8th district.  This district is winnable for Dems as long as we get out the vote.  Eric talks about the election and the issues.



That is one sexy ticket!  #diversity #MichiganDems

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2 comments on “Just like the honey badger! Michigan Policast 011 August 24 2014

  1. js121 Aug 26, 2014

    The video was hilarious. Like the topics covered especially the issue of military vehicles in Michigan. Will definitely tune in.

    • Christine Barry Aug 31, 2014

      Thanks, Amy is great at research. I’d say she’s the best citizen researcher in Michigan. If you’d like to see more of her work, she’s at http://www.democracy-tree.com

      I’ve been dying to make a Rick Snyder as the honey badger video, but I have neither the time nor the skills. 😉