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September 23, 2014

Here we talk about formal debates vs town halls .. which format is better for Snyder?  Will the moderators keep the candidates on track?  How do Snyder's town halls compare to the one town hall where he will be asking questions?

Is Bill Milliken's endorsement really irrelevant?

Aramark keeps their contract, Michael Moore gets fired.

Don't call it a pension tax!!  Also, I make a joke that doesn't land.  Crash & burn Christine.  Crash & burn.

Terry Lynn Land's family has a charity that is 1) really mean and 2) breaking campaign finance laws.  Fortunately for Terry, Darryl Issa has scared the crap out of the IRS.

Can we get a debate between Peters & Land?  We think that would be hilarious.

Ecelctablog gets an honorable mention for his piece on Schertzing.  Read that piece here.

Circling back to the town hall v formal debate debate, here's Bill Clinton showing us how to kick ass in a town hall:



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