Pam Byrnes joins us on Michigan Policast Episode 17

October 11, 2014

Welcome everyone to our episode 17 of Michigan Policast.  Today we are joined by Pam Byrnes, former state legislator and current candidate for Michigan's 7th Congressional District.  That puts her head to head with Tim Walberg, a giant loon.

We start with more on the EAA.  Alumni and faculty came together to ask the EMU board to disassociate itself from the EAA.  We've also seen some Eastern Michigan students protest against the university's EAA affiliation.  What's up Eastern?  Why are you in bed with the EAA anyway?


Amy spends some time on the war on women and the Gretchen Caucus.

Check out Amy's great coverage of the Republican war on women:

Walt covers some political ads that are so bad that they go beyond even today's standards of political speech.  We play the ads on the show, and you can read more on them here:

Walt also has a great conversation with Pam Byrnes.  They cover the issues, her campaign, and a whole lot more.  If you'd like to help Pam with her campaign,

Thank you Pam for joining us on the show!

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