16 seconds for equality! Michigan Policast Episode 18

October 14, 2014

(Correction: The amount Terri Lynn Land received from Meijer family members was incorrectly stated as $94,000. The correct amount is $9,400)

So much to talk about today!

We start with the debate.  My take?  Mark had to meet a higher standard than did Snyder.  No one had any expectations of Snyder doing well, and Snyder met that lack of expectations very well.  Did Mark meet the expectations we had of him?  Snyder says fracking is part of energy independence and we do it right in Michigan (foul!) and we frack all over the place.  His record on fracking is proof that he is pro-environment.  (wtf?)

Best part of the debate:  Rick Snyder admits that Republicans won't vote for a revenue increase this close to an election.  So folks, you may have to wait for them to fix the roads because they have elections coming up and that's way more important than your lives and your property.

Amy puts together the numbers on the debate, which gives us a clearer picture of how little we actually got out of this debate.  You know how Amy likes her data 😉  We definitely need more than one debate to get any good information.

Walt weighs in … are editorial writers the best people to moderate a debate?  Should it be broadcast journalists instead anyway?  Snyder's too defensive of his cousin and he didn't even tell the truth about it.  And seriously, you still want to defend Aramark?

We move on to Terri Lynn Land's involvement in the Meijer, Acme, SLAPP stuff.  She has a unique insight because she was right in the middle of it.

Here's the New Republic article on this
 If you'd like more information on this, check out our old podcast here.  Amy covered this in detail in that show.

Amy also covers speeding cams and automated ticketing.  Eek!  Away to us, you dirty privatized profit center scheme!!

A handful of headlines from Walt.  Voter ID laws, equality and SCOTUS, Aramark v Progress Michigan, more on Terri Lynn Land and her 140 character campaign, and a few comments on Meet the Press w/Jon Stewart.

Here's the debate:

Here are some links:

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