Meet Lynn Mason, way more awesome than Lisa Posthumus Lyin’ ! Michigan Policast Episode 19

October 23, 2014

In this episode we are joined by Lynn Mason, who is campaigning to represent the 86th district in the Michigan House of Representatives.  Here's her website.  Some of the things she talks about:

  • She's out-raised her opponent so far.  How did she do it?
  • Why schools are so important.
  • Why Lisa Posthumus Lyons is disingenuous with her positions and votes.
  • How Lynn's background as a farmer, small business owner, and teacher, is helping her connect with people.
  • A whole lot more.
  • How we hold Snyder and Posthumus Lyons accountable
  • Did she or didn't she?  Lisa has 2 different positions on the Grover Norquist pledge this year.
  • Lisa Posthumus Lyons raised taxes the same year she signed the Norquist pledge so does that last point really matter anyway?

Amy has a great write-up on all of this here.

This was the first time I talked to Lynn, and I love how genuine she is.  I also appreciate the fact that she's out there talking about what her opponent is up to.  Not only is she clear on what she stands for, she's out there reminding people about the way that that Posthumus Lyons has represented the area.  Great job so far.

Next we move on to scandals.  I get into the feds' investigation into Woosley and his Land-Management Fund Advisors.  Did LMFA get federal HUD $$ inappropriately?  Links here:

We also have some information on the latest Snyder shenanigans.  Pay for play?  Donate to Snyder's campaign and you get yourself a great new contract, and one that might even violate our no-bid state laws.  Audio from Lon Johnson.

Political ads come next.  Walt talks first about the Mayday Pac and the Jason Alexander “Paid for by” ad, and the Mary Burke pizza ad.

Mary Burke:

Here's the Fred Upton ad that Walt mentions:

We wrap up with some comments on a couple of things:

A bunch of heavyweights coming to the state to GOTV and fire things up?  What does it mean?!?!  Both parties bring in what they have to work with, and boy is there a gap between the awesomeness on our side and lameness on the GOP side.

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce makes a cynical, nasty move to protect their special interest.  Start a ballot initiative, not to get something on the ballot, but to get the legislature to act in such a way that they prevent the ballot initiative.  Gross.  Just gross.  Links:


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One comment on “Meet Lynn Mason, way more awesome than Lisa Posthumus Lyin’ ! Michigan Policast Episode 19

  1. NameSanitizedForYourProtection Oct 25, 2014

    I’ve watched Lynn bully other members of a local community organization. Can’t say that I’m impressed.