Gerrymandering the Presidency. Michigan Policast Episode 22

November 13, 2014

Today we have a sound problem.  There's some static going on here that we didn't hear until playback.  We cleaned it up as much as we could.

Amy couldn't be with us today but she'll be back next time.

First off, the gender gap.  How has it changed over the years, and what does that mean for Republicans and Democrats?  Good news is that while we're gaining ground with women, we aren't losing ground with men.  Looks good for the Democrats.

Here are the numbers for Michigan – – broken down by age, income, gender, ethnicity, etc.  Here's more info to give you a picture of the gender gap nationwide –

Walt covers the electoral scam that the Michigan Republicans are going to push through lame duck.  What it comes down to is that they're going to want to assign electoral votes based on the gerrymandered districts that they've drawn.  They only want to do this in states that Obama won but that are gerrymandered by Republicans.  We've got some numbers to show you how this would have played out over the last 2 elections.  But to sum up, Romney would have been elected President in 2012, and McCain would have been elected in 2008.

Can a ballot initiative end gerrymandering?  If we get the districts out of the hands of the Republicans and into the hands of non-partisan academics, Michigan goes back to being a Democratic state, as it should be.

Obama's approval ratings and his successes … job growth and more.  A lot of great economic indicators, with the exception of personal income.  Walt goes over all of this info.

More links on the above:

We briefly cover some interesting ballot initiatives … marriage equality, legalizing marijuana, and more.

How badly do Republicans want to control you?  Even when you have a constitutional right (terminate a pregnancy) or a legal right (voting) they will make law to try to stop you.  Now they're messing with the ACA navigators to prevent the public from benefiting from the healthcare law.  It's just what they do.  Anything else would be little-d democracy.  Can't have that.

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