Dark, dark, dark money. Michigan Policast Episode 25

December 4, 2014

Oh my goodness, we have a lot of ranting in this one, and I even get bleeped once.  That's good though, we've got a family-friendly image to protect 😉

Today I talk about a local issue … local to me, anyway.  In Shiawassee County, voters recently rejected a request for a millage to support our Sheriff Department.  As a result, our road patrol has been eliminated as of January 1.  I spend a few minutes on this issue, primarily to raise awareness.  You can get more information from this website:

Save our Police

And here is some info on Mayor Ben Fredrick's evaluation of the county budget.

Caveat:  our coverage on this issue is limited to this group of citizens and to my own perspective.  I haven't researched the issue to give you “the other side,” so to speak.  However I did support the millage and am disappointed that it failed to pass.

Amy's segment is on dark money.  Her research on the issue can be found here.

Michigan is recognized a the nation’s black hole when it comes to dark money, and their resident nonpartisan watchdog group, the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, surely appreciates the new FCC disclosure rule. Rich Robinson, Director of MCFN, reports that undisclosed sources dominated both therecent Supreme Court and the Attorney General races in the state. And the secretive spending was primarily of the Republican variety.

In Walt's segment, we cover a handful of things.

  • The roads … Michigan's weight limit and why it hurts (more info here)
  • Why is Rep Tom McMillan fighting smart meters?  (Better question is, why is Tom McMillan a Rep?  Regardless, more info here.)
  • Michigan GOP Presidential election rigging scheme is on hold … for now.  (Link) (cough Constitutional crisis cough)
  • A few comments on awesome duck vs lame duck, and why we hate Jase Bolger
  • The Republican Big Amygdala
  • The party of no, ebola,* repeal and replace, and oh, just everything.

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*Here's the background on the ebola / insurance thing that I mentioned.  I had to look it up.

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