Minority rule, corporate welfare queens, starving athletes. Michigan Policast Episode 28

January 6, 2015

Our first episode for 2015!  Today we talk about the Hastert Rule, corporate welfare queens, and student athlete unions.

We kick off with Kevin Cotter, the new Michigan Speaker of the House.  He's considering bringing the Hastert Rule to Lansing, ensuring that the minority can never get a vote on a bill unless the majority of the majority caucus agrees with it.  What does that mean by the numbers?  78 out of 110 State Reps can want to vote on something, but unless 32 of them are Republicans, Cotter won't let it come to the floor.

This disenfranchises the majority of Michiganders, since over 50% of Michiganders voted for Democratic representation.  #gerrymandering #puremichigan #hashtagsoutsideoftwitter

Amy has some good research on corporate welfare queens and how much $$ has been sucked out of the public coffers and into private profits. She compares this with the numbers from the Senate Fiscal Agency on how much money the state will save on drug testing public welfare recipients. (Hint: no money. No money saved.)

Amy runs through some interesting numbers on this, for example, the average American pays $36/yr for food assistance to the poor and $6,000/yr for increased profits to the rich. Sigh.

Walt covers Michigan's latest step in union bashing, which is the prohibition of student athlete unions.  One of the things that Walt does in this piece is run through all of the requirements of student athletes and compares that to requirements of employees.  It's pretty clear that these athletes are acting as employees.  The athletes are working hard to enrich the sports programs, and meanwhile they aren't getting paid, they don't own their own images or autographs, and many of them have barely enough money to survive.


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Go Blue!

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