Why aren’t conservative comedians funny? Michigan Policast Episode 29

January 16, 2015

In this episode we talk about the scary Contract for Liberty, brought to us by Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat.  Let's be clear, it's liberty as Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat interpret it, according to their understanding of the bible.  There are 10 points to the Contract for Todd Courser's worldview, which are

  • Freedom to be born
  • Freedom to defend ourselves
  • Health care freedom
  • Freedom from regulatory tyranny (lol)
  • Freedom to own property
  • Freedom from economic intrusion
  • Freedom from unjust taxation
  • Restoration to the right to privacy from government intrusion
  • Free and independent state
  • Bonus concept #11 – Freedom to own rainbow unicorns and sea monkey ninjas

Eclectablog also published a good take-down of this piece of garbage here.

Amy takes us through some SCOTUS shenanigans.  A new case coming up through SCOTUS is as potentially big as Citizens United, and we aren't hearing a lot about it.  This one is a first amendment challenge to the campaign finance regulations on judicial candidates. From Amy's blog on the case:

The case stems from the failed candidacy of Lanell Williams-Yulee who, after losing her bid for a county judge seat, was publicly reprimanded and ordered to pay a fine for violating Canon 7c(1) of the Florida Judicial Code of Conduct which stipulates that a candidate “for a judicial office that is filled by public election between competing candidates shall not personally solicit campaign funds.” In the course of the campaign, Williams-Yulee had signed a letter sent to voters in which she personally solicited campaign contributions. Citing First Amendment protections, she challenged the bar association’s finding, yet the Florida Supreme Court ruled against her.

Lovely.  What will this first amendment challenge mean for judicial races going forward?  Eek.

Walt takes us through some points on news and commentary and confirmation bias.  The public can no longer distinguish between news and opinion.  Is the left as bad as the right?  Are our leaders complicit in this?  Has the media let us down?  I ramble, Amy gets all intellectual and fact-ish, and Walt wraps it up with the wisdom of a man who has had a long career in Lansing.

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