Snyder the moderate??? Michigan Policast Episode 30

January 30, 2015

Here we are again with another episode of pure genius.  🙂  This time we're about education .. initiatives from the state, and initiatives from the tea party at the local level.  We also have some new info on transportation.

Amy does a great job covering Snyder's new education proposals, as outlined in the State of the State.  Click here for her excellent work on this topic.  Charter schools, EAA, privatization, and a bunch of other failures.  In his own words:  “It's an environment that's not creating success for our students.”

I talk about another education initiative, this one on a local level.  There's an initiative in Brighton to open an openly conservative charter school.  We talk about this, and for more background you should check out Eclectablog's coverage.

Get the latest on this initiative here.

Walt talks about Snyder the moderate.  Consider this:

  • Snyder vetoes legislation expanding concealed weapons rights that would have make it easier for domestic abusers to carry weapons
  • Snyder vetoed another bill which would have banned the DNR from considering biological diversity in managing Michigan’s public lands, a major slap-in-the-face to the logging industry which wants no rules interfering with their harvest
  • Snyder announces he has no interest in repealing Michigan’s prevailing wage law, signaling to the Legislature that bill would also be vetoed if it arrived at his desk.

What is up with that???

We also weigh in on a few other topics.  Links:

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