Whitmer’s first test, Lavora takes over, and the roads are still bad. Michigan Policast Episode 32

February 4, 2019

Michigan Policast for Monday, February 4 2019

Former MDP chair Brandon Dillon says the lessons learned in 2016 and 2018 will shape the party’s gameplay for 2020, and also says Gretchen Whitmer may have to go around the Legislature to “fix the damn roads”

And a whole lot more …

  • Walt and Christine talk about Governor Whitmer's first big test:  the dangerous polar vortex that brought freezing temps to the state.  What did it mean, how did she do, and how did it compare to Governor Snyder's leadership during times of emergency?
  • A lot of folks thought we were going to see a settlement in the federal lawsuit over Michigan’s gerrymandered districts, but instead, we're going to court.
  • Lavora Barnes takes over as the Chair of the MDP.

Fix the Damn Roads report: Just how bad are Michigan roads, and why?

Congratulations to @LavoraBarnes on being elected to MDP party chair! @michigandems Click To Tweet

Resources for this week:

Former @MichiganDems Chair @BrandonDillon75 thinks @gretchenwhitmer may have to go around the Michigan legislature to Fix the Damn Roads. Find out why on this week's @MiPolicast Click To Tweet


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