Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Eric Freedman on the future of journalism in Michigan

February 25, 2019

Michigan Policast for Monday, February 25, 2019

Governor Whitmer signs a new executive order to move forward on clean water, the Senate and SCOTUS are stupidly skewed toward the conservative minority in this country, and Eric Freedman discusses the future of reporting on Michigan policy and government.

  • Christine and Walt start with the new EO that remakes the DEQ into EGLE.  Will the GOP kill this one too, or can we please get to work now?
  • There are some big themes in the Democratic Presidential primary.  How will the winner get anything done?  We discuss the Senate imbalance, the filibuster, and expanding the SCOTUS.
  • The @MIGOP convention sounds like a giant obstruction-fest.
'It doesn't bother me that journalism will be different in the future, but it bothers me that hedge funds with no interest in journalism come in and take over the press.' ~Eric Freedman, MSU Journalism Dept.Click To Tweet


Eric Freedman

Our guest is Michigan State University journalism professor Eric Freedman. As a reporter at the Detroit News, Freedman won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting which uncovered a huge embezzlement scandal at the state House of Representatives Fiscal Agency.

Governor Whitmer executive order

Senate, filibuster, and SCOTUS

Michigan GOP Convention:

Republicans need to come to terms with Climate Change or the next generation will leave them behind.Click To Tweet
The action of the Michigan Legislature in overturning @GretchenWhitmer EO is virtually unprecedented, and it was done by the @mi_republicans and the @MISenate to preserve polluter panels Click To Tweet

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