Former LG John D Cherry on Whitmer’s budget and the gas tax

March 7, 2019

Michigan Policast special edition on Governor Whitmer's budget proposal.  March 6, 2019

In this special edition of the Michigan Policast, Walt talks to former Lieutenant Governor John D Cherry.

'In her budget presentation, @govwhitmer was laying down her markers. This is her opening bid, the start of negotiations.' ~ Former LG John D Cherry Click To Tweet

Listen to this episode to hear:

  • Why it matters that Governor Whitmer is still new to the office
  • How the budget demonstrates the changing priorities between Governor Whitmer and her predecessor Rick Snyder
  • Why this opening bid is important and why the Republican response is encouraging
  • Why the gas tax is a clean, simple solution.  A revenue mix is the product of negotiations
  • What really concerns the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Association
  • Why some new taxes are just previous taxes being put back into place in order to pay for earlier cuts
  • How too many compromises keeps the job from getting done
  • What the lottery really means to Michigan state revenue
  • What the public really wants from the state government regarding #FTDR
'We have a $2 billion problem. Make no mistake, the problem is that big. We wanted a clean, simple suggestion that the legislature can work with.' Fmr LG John D Cherry, Michigan Consensus Policy ProjectClick To Tweet



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