Approval ratings, FTDR, HR-1, and Hank Mayers on fair and transparent elections

March 11, 2019

Michigan Policast for March 11, 2019

Walt and Christine welcome Amy back to the show.

  • The show kicks off with a conversation around the cost to #FTDR.  How much do we really need?  What does the business community think?
  • Amy takes on the latest public approval ratings in Michigan, for President Trump, Governor Whitmer, and the state of things in general.
  • Walt runs through HR-1.  What's in it and why should the House pass a bill that's DOA in the Senate?
  • Hank Mayers from Michiganders for Fair and Transparent Elections joins the show
'HR-1 shows the country what the Democrats are willing to fight for: fair and accessible elections where every vote counts.' ~@christinebarryClick To Tweet


Segment 1 – FTDR

Segment 2 – Polls and approval ratings

Segment 3 – Hr-1 2019 passes the US House but will not get a vote in the Senate

Interview – Hank Mayers from Michiganders for Fair & Transparent Elections

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