Pelosi will not impeach, Dana Nessel cleans up after Schuette, and dark money is everywhere

March 18, 2019

Michigan Policast for March 18, 2019

Amy kicks off our show this week with the latest on impeachment, Christine gives the rundown on AG Nessel, and Walt gets into campaign finance with Elissa Slotkin and Craig Mauger, of
Michigan Campaign Finance Network.

Segment 1:  Amy offers the pros and cons of impeachment

Is Speaker Nancy Pelosi playing the long game on Trump and #impeachment? Click To Tweet

Segment 2:  Christine reviews Dana Nessel's record

Segment 3:  Dark Money with statements from Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin (MI08) and an interview with Craig Mauger of Michigan Campaign Finance Network.

'It became an arms race ...when they throw in more, we throw in more. When we throw in more, they throw in more, and it just escalated to the point that I don't think anyone feels good about.' ~ Elissa SlotkinClick To Tweet
'The 2018 #MI08 campaign was one of the most expensive in the nation and the most expensive in Michigan history. They spent more than $26 million between the two candidates and their supporters.' ~@MichCurmudgeonClick To Tweet

Interview with Craig Mauger, Executive Director of Michigan Campaign Finance Network

Our mission is to get information out to people about how the system works and I think we've been able to show what's happening with campaign finance and do some watchdog work that has illuminated the conversation' ~@craigdmaugerClick To Tweet

'SuperPACs and non-profits are playing a larger role in these races, which puts more pressure to the candidate to raise and spend even more money in order to compete with these outside forces.' ~Craig Mauger, MCFNClick To Tweet

Will pieces of HR1 turn into a standalone bill? Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin (MI-08) is ready to break off sections so that we can block foreign money and bring integrity back to our elections. Details in this week's episode of Michigan Policast Click To Tweet

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