POTUS Primaries are here, the comeback that wasn’t, FTDR, and Charles Ballard on taxes.

March 25, 2019

Michigan Policast for March 25, 2019

Walt gets us rolling with a conversation on the Democratic primaries.  We have soundbites, we have questions, we have theories.  Here are the links:

Presidential Approval Ratings — Donald Trump



Segment two is a look at the 2019 ALICE in Michigan.  This is an economic study by the Michigan Association of United Ways.  Was the “Michigan Comeback” really a comeback?  Was Governor Snyder really the “Comeback Kid?”  Decide for yourself by downloading the report.


Download the 2019 ALICE in Michigan report here for information on unemployment, underemployment, demographics, regional data, and more.


Study: More Michiganders struggle to afford basic needs

Our #FTDR report is the subject of segment three.


This week Walt talks to Dr. Charles Ballard, Professor of economics and director of State of the State Survey at MSU.

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