Whitmer wants a budget, Chatfield gets emotional, Joe Biden hugs too much, and VNP’s Katie Fahey goes national

April 8, 2019

Michigan Policast for April 8, 2019

On this episode, Christine and Walt get their hands dirty with some tough topics.  We kick things off with Governor Whitmer asking the legislature to do their work and get a budget done on time.  Will she own a shutdown should they come to an impasse?  How does this compare to Trump's shutdown over the wall?

House Speaker Lee Chatfield won't 'compromise' the budget based on an 'artificially set date.' Because that's the choice he's offering -- you'll either give him his summer vacation, or you'll get garbage work. Click To Tweet

In segment two we continue the conversation around Speaker Lee Chatfield and his choice of words describing the actions taken by the Governor and Attorney General on Line 5.  Is it fair to criticize his remarks as sexist?  Audio includes the segment from his interview on WJR.


Segment three is all about huggy Joe Biden.  Is Joe just being Joe?  And if so, is that because Joe is insensitive?  Can anyone get it right?

Katie Fahey from Voters Not Politicians (VNP) talks to Walt about her work to build a national organization modeled after VNP.


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