Biden baits Trump, Hoadley v Upton, GOP gerrymandering is unconstitutional, and LG Garlin Gilchrist is on fire

April 29, 2019

Michigan Policast for April 29, 2019

Walt and Christine cover the federal court ruling that Michigan is unconstitutionally gerrymandered.  The legislature was ordered to fix it in time for the 2020 election.  Walt's expertise in this area shines in this segment.  If you're interested in this issue, you'll want to hear what he has to say.

How has the @MIGOP created an artificial and illegal legislative majority? This segment breaks it down and reviews the recent fed court ruling on the constitutionality of the #MIGOP actions. Click To Tweet
“Partisan gerrymandering can injure voters’ First Amendment rights by subjecting members of the disfavored party to discrimination because of their viewpoints,” ~ via @jonathanoostingClick To Tweet
'We've spent a lot of time providing options to ensure we have a solid 9-5 delegation in 2012 and beyond,' @MiChamber legal counsel Bob LaBrant in support of unconstitutional #gerrymanderingClick To Tweet

Source: The Detroit News

In segment two we cover Joe Biden's entrance into the 2020 Presidential race.  He's currently leading the polls and he says he's the one to beat Trump.  What's the deal here?



Source: FiveThirtyEight
Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist (LG3?) joins us for segment three to discuss roads, budgets, public trust, and more.


In our final segment, Jon Hoadley joins us to discuss his campaign for Congress, his legislative priorities, and why it's so important to focus on running for the benefit of his district.


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