FTDR gets personal, auto insurance is an opportunity, Gary Peters and climate change, and Jeff Padden on redistricting

May 6, 2019

Michigan Policast for May 6, 2019

Walt, Christine, and Amy kick off the show with a conversation on pictures of potholes on social media.  Christine posits that this is the most effective way to get people engaged in #FTDR, while Walt argues that people are already aware of the need, and the only problem is getting the revenues.  What do you think?

“It's going to take $2.5 billion a year,” said Detroit Regional Chamber CEO Sandy Baruah of Michigan's road-building needs. “Anyone who thinks you can cut even half of that out of other elements of the state budget without having significant ramifications to real people, you're smoking something that's not legal.”

“This is 40 years of disinvestment in the state of Michigan, and it's coming due now,” Whitmer said of the roads.

The #MISenate GOP 2020 transportation budget ignores #FTDR. Senate GOP says they will have a plan for the roads later. Inadequate funding may lead to a budget veto by @GovWhitmer @MISenate @MiSenDems Click To Tweet


In segment two this week, Amy takes us through the bipartisan car insurance issue. Gender and regional disparities, catastrophic claims, and so much more.

Source: The Zebra

In segment three we chat about Senator Gary Peters and his focus on climate change and green energy as an economic issue.

Our guest this week is Jeff Padden, Board Chair at Public Policy Associates and former state representative. He talks to us about the redistricting process, term limits, and so much more.


'Term limits have been a disaster for the state, it's complete nonsense ... People believed that many many legislators serve for decades, it was just never true.' ~Jeff Padden #TermLimits #LobbyingIsAGrowthIndustryClick To Tweet
'.@briancalley has been canny about finding common ground between the interests of his constituency and the intentions of @GovWhitmer' ~Jeff Padden @SBAM Click To Tweet
'If I were in the position of the Republican leadership, I would be very nervous about taking on my principal constituency, which is the business community.' ~Jeff Padden on the business community support for #FTDR // @GovWhitmer @MISenate @MiSenDems Click To Tweet



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