Kooks, free speech on campus, Lansing lightning round, and car insurance with Christine Greig

May 13, 2019

Michigan Policast for May 13, 2019

Opening audio:  Trump and kooks.  wtf?

Walt, Amy, and Christine kick off the show with a conversation on free speech on campus.  What's protected?  Where does Title IX come in?  And why can't these folks figure out the difference between “free speech” on, say, Facebook, and “free speech” on a public campus.  Amy has all the coverage here.

In this episode, the policasters argue over whether #PunchNazis is the answer to #FreeSpeech on campus. What do you think? Click To Tweet


In this segment on #FreeSpeech on campus, @michcurmudgeon and Amy encourage peaceful protest and #HugNazis over @christinebarry 's #PunchNazis approach. Click To Tweet



Segment two covers the Democratic Presidential candidates and their approach to healthcare. Medicare for all? Does private insurance have a place in a universal single payer society?

…Democrats are heading into the 2020 election cycle with a serious edge on an issue that has the potential to mobilize their base. But if the candidates pitch big, sweeping changes to the health care system without addressing voters’ concerns about cost and access, that advantage won’t necessarily hold up. And trying to sell Americans on a completely new system carries risks, even in the primaries.  ~ 

Segment three is our first ‘lightning round' which is not actually a lightning round but we didn't have a better name.

This week Walt talks to Michigan House Democratic Leader Christine Greig.  She joins us to discuss the recent car insurance bills, redistricting, and the dynamics of bipartisanship.

'We cannot cut our way to good roads and good schools. We keep waiting for that #Republican plan. We're waiting.' ~@ChrisGreigMI37Click To Tweet
Michigan House Dems leader Christine Greig joins Michigan Policast this week to discuss car insurance, redistricting, bipartisanship, FTDR, and working with Governor Whitmer. Click To Tweet
'I am only going to sign a bill that actually protects drivers and these bills do not do that,' ~@GovWhitmer on @MiSenate and @mi_republicans #CarInsurance bills via ~@freep Click To Tweet
As the drug problem has expanded beyond minorities, poor neighborhoods, and urban areas, lawmakers have started to realize that asset forfeiture should not be tolerated. ~@ChristineBarry Click To Tweet




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