Money, sex, and politics! Larry Inman is indicted, anti-choice forces attack, Dems on car insurance, and more

May 20, 2019

Michigan Policast for 5-20-2019

Segment One:  State House Representative Larry Inman

Walt, Christine, and Amy run through a handful of hot topics in this episode, starting with the troubled State Representative Larry Inman.  Inman, who represents 104th District of Grand Traverse County, has been indicted for extortion and Amy gives us the details on this one.

Inman went on to text, “it's not worth losing assignments and staff for $5,000,” and “you need to get people maxed out,” according to the indictment. “People will not go down for $5,000, not that we don't appreciate it.”

'you need to get people maxed out ... People will not go down for $5,000, not that we don't appreciate it.' via @freepClick To Tweet

Segment Two:  Forced birth / anti-choice forces in Michigan

Note from Christine – The Maternal Infant Health Program is what I am referring to in this segment as one of the ‘stop-gap' programs that are defunct or inadequately funded. I was speaking from my experience covering the Shiawassee County Health Department several years ago when it cut prenatal care from its programs. Prenatal care was a required service of local health departments, and the Shiawassee Dept had allegedly stopped this service illegally. The service has since been restored.

… Right to Life would need 340,047 signatures to make it (nearly 90,000 more than last election). RTL said its goal is to collect 400,000 signatures.

Abortion and birth control – polling report with historical data


Segment Three:  Auto insurance

“Our D.R.I.V.E. plan puts drivers at the center of our solutions and makes sure they see a forty percent rate reduction for years to come.” ~@DonnaLasinski on @MiHouseDems #CarInsurance proposalClick To Tweet


'When you're proud of your work, you show it to the people. You don't hide it in the dark.' ~@ChrisGreigMI37 on ramming car insurance legislation through the Michigan House of RepresentativesClick To Tweet



Segment Four:  Democratic Presidential Primary


Wrapping up:  more resources and fun stuff

An incredibly interesting Young Turks segment on personhood and Elizabeth Warren's pro-choice stance as well. So good.


Here we have the Joe Biden video from the campaign launch that Walt mentioned

Larry Inman talking about the indictment

Thanks for listening !!

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