Climate crisis, war, domestic terrorism, equality. Mel Larsen is guest

January 13, 2020

Michigan Policast for Monday, January 13, 2020

  In this episode:

  • Updates on 2020
  • Elissa Slotkin, Iran, War Powers Resolution
  • Climate crisis, Clean Future Act v Green New Deal
  • Cellphones in Michigan courts
  • Interview: Mel Larsen on the petition drive to expand the Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act
  • Terrorist talk from MI Facebook Group
  • A decade of Elliott-Larsen in tweets
  • Thank you
  • Transcript


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Updates on 2020

.@GaryPeters has a long list of accomplishments and is recognized by non-partisan organizations as one of the most effective and bipartisan legislators in the #USSenate. To Tweet

Elissa Slotkin, Iran, War Powers Resolution


Hamilton in Fed Papers #69 -- #POTUS is limited to command and direction of military only, and legislature declares war and raises, regulates the military. This is to ensure POTUS is not supreme authority @washingtonpost To Tweet
Trump is completely dismissive of Congress, which isn't quite as disturbing as the fact that @GOP in House and Senate are also dismissive of Congress. They won't even acknowledge the relevancy of their own role. ~@ChristineBarryClick To Tweet


Climate crisis, CLEAN Future Act v Green New Deal

'Scientists say we must decarbonize our economy by 2030 to avert the worst effects of this crisis, but this proposal would not get us there until 2050,' said @LaurenMaunus, Sunrise's legislative manager. @WashingtonPost To Tweet

Click here for updates on this MyFireWatch map, which includes current hotspots and the approximate age of the fires

Cellphones in Michigan courts


MI Supreme Court strikes down local bans on cellphones in MI courts, after public testimony from lawyers and other advocates who said the rules create barriers for defendants, the indigent and their families. ~ @bridgemichigan To Tweet

Interview: Interview: Mel Larsen on the petition drive to expand the Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act

Earlier in 2019, House Speaker Lee Chatfield, R-Levering, said in a taping of “Off the Record” on WKAR-TV that he didn’t plan to hold a vote this term on any gay rights legislation. Chatfield won election to the state House in 2014 after beating an incumbent Republican in the GOP primary whom Chatfield criticized for pushing to expand the state’s anti-discrimination law. Source

Shirkey recently told The Detroit News that Democratic efforts to expand the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include new anti-discrimination protections for gay and transgender residents would likely be “heavily contested” in the GOP-led Legislature. Source

Mel Larsen and Daisy Elliott

Terrorist talk from MI Facebook Group

“We overflood them with imminent death threats, until it stops, one way or another,” Michael Dearing promoting violence in 'People v Gretchen Whitmer' FB group @MetroTimes To Tweet
“Where can I join a militia?” Stacie Rose Laesch, upon finding out that the Facebook group 'People v Gretchen Whitmer' would no longer allow racist and threatening posts. @MetroTimes To Tweet
'She is not a queen' ~ @SenPeterJLucido on @govwhitmer. Lucido was an active member of the FB group calling for violence against Democrats, Muslims. @MetroTimes To Tweet



The public group, “People vs Gov. Gretchen Whitmer,” was rapidly growing, attracting nearly 9,000 conservatives of all kinds – elected officials, veterans, firefighters, law enforcement officers, educators, pastors, business owners, political candidates, militia members, blue-collar workers, and your garden variety trolls. Source

A decade of Elliott-Larsen in tweets











Thank you

Michigan Policast – Of the several liberal-oriented podcasts out there, which also notably include Left of Lansing and The GOTMFV Show, this is the best.


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