Trump v Whitmer, COVID-19 effects on Michigan, latest polls. Sen. Curtis Hertel Jr and Sam Inglot guest

April 6, 2020

Michigan Policast for Monday, April 6, 2020

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  • The woman from Michigan
  • Sen Curtis Hertel Jr on COVID-19, elections, and the future of Michigan
  • Quick takes
  • Sam Inglot with polling data from Progress Michigan and Public Policy Polling
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That woman from Michigan

“We've had a big problem with the young, a woman governor from — you know who I'm talking about — from Michigan,” Trump told Hannity. “We can't —we don't like to see the complaints.” ~Source



'the COVID-19 pandemic lays bare the economic and social divides in our nation ... There is still work to be done to ensure equity and justice during this pandemic but I know that, together, we can do it.' ~@stephanielily @MichiganAdvance To Tweet


Scott Westerman – The Woman in Michigan

'We have come to tolerate an infantile person in a grown man’s job, a baby in a suit' ~@MitchAlbom @freep @RealDonaldTrump @GovWhitmer #COVID19Click To Tweet


Sen Curtis Hertel Jr on COVID-19, elections, and the future of Michigan

'What happened to Representative Robinson is just terrible. Isaac was a really good guy. Very passionate. Powerful leader for the city of Detroit' ~@CurtisHertelJr #MiLeg #MichiganStrong #COVID19 Click To Tweet

Contrary to the @GOPChairwoman's lies about a dastardly Democratic 'all-mail ballots' scheme, the Dems have no such plan. @CurtisHertelJr discusses this on the show starting around 12:39Click To Tweet
'For God's sakes, for a president on national TV, to say that he wouldn't call a governor back, or to make stupid jokes on Twitter about her name. What are we in third grade? @CurtisHertelJr @GovWhitmer @RealDonaldTrump #COVID19 #MichiganStrongClick To Tweet
'If you wrote some of the things @RealDonaldTrump says in a movie script, they'd throw the script out and tell you that it's not believable. Unless the movie was #Idiocracy' @CurtisHertelJr @GovWhitmer #COVID19 #MichiganStrong Click To Tweet

Quick takes



Sam Inglot with polling data from Progress Michigan and Public Policy Polling

Presented by Progress Michigan, Lake Effect is a monthly research newsletter that follows public opinion in Michigan. Each month, Public Policy Polling will survey registered voters across Michigan about their opinions of important issues and public figures in the state. These newsletters will break down the results and provide readers with key takeaways and analysis from the data. ~Source (pdf)

On @GovWhitmer's handling of #COVID19, her numbers were crazy high -- 62% approve of the job that she's doing, while only 28% disapprove and 10% not sure' @SamInglot @ProgressMich @ppppolls #COVID19 #MichiganStrong Click To Tweet
Re: the shady adopt and amend of the #paidsickleave proposal, '47% say they would be less likely to support a candidate who backed the adopting and amending and gutting of that paid sick time proposal' @SamInglot @ProgressMich @ppppolls #COVID19 Click To Tweet
'it's not clear where @johnjamesmi stands on a lot of issues ... as the election draws closer and he is forced out of hiding, people can ask him some questions' @SamInglot @ProgressMich @ppppolls #COVID19 #MichiganStrong @johnjamesrevealClick To Tweet




Walt Sorg  0:00

The presenting underwriter of the Michigan Policast is Progress Michigan providing a strong, credible voice that holds public officials and government accountable and assist in the promotion of progressive ideas.


Donald Trump  0:16

We have done an incredible job, we are doing a great job. I think for the most part, they were saying thank you for doing a great job. We're doing an awfully good job. Myself and the administration are doing a good job, great job. We're doing a good job. We're doing a great job. We're doing a great job. I think we're doing a really good job. I think we're doing a really good job. People like the job that we're doing doing a good job. I think we're doing a great job on as good a job as you can possibly do.


Walt Sorg  0:42

Yeah, but a few might differ with the great one's self evaluation, including many of the nation's governors who are increasingly frustrated with the inept federal response, which is adding to shortages of vital supplies and equipment. This is the Michigan Policast. We're all about Michigan politics and policy and the outside forces impacting our pleasant peninsulas. I will start podcasting in place from Lansing, Christine and Amy are off this week, a little ultimate social separation. And this week's podcast we'll talk with the top democrat on the State Senate Appropriations Committee, Curtis Hertel about the political and budget challenges facing lawmakers, as the health and fiscal crisis continues to grow. We'll also take a look at a couple of new polls taken since the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic. But much of the story is encapsulated in the ongoing tensions between Donald Trump and Governor Whitmer.


Scott Westerman  1:31

Well, I was checking out Twitter just the other day. I saw 45 trying to have his way. He shot out a tweet that he should have left unwritten.  You don't pick a fight with a woman from Michigan.


Walt Sorg  1:48

My thanks to Scott Westerman for his newest entry into the world of streaming music. We have a link to Scotts full performance on our website. The woman from Michigan has been firmly in charge unlike President who has shifted his strategy and messaging and an almost daily basis with the only consistency his self praise for what he considers a job well done daily misstatements that have to be corrected by his staff or Dr. Fauci. Hard to believe but Michigan only had its first confirmed case with the Cova 19 virus on March 10, just three weeks ago. Now we have more than 15,000 confirmed cases as of Sunday afternoon with more than 500 persons killed by the virus in that time Whitmer's issued three dozen executive orders. The governor's emergency powers will expire shortly unless the legislature acts. Lawmakers return to the session on Tuesday. And there's some pushback for Republicans on giving the governor the power she needs to quickly respond to the ongoing crisis. That and the longer term impacts of COVID-19 on our state were at the core of my conversation with Senator Curtis Hertel. He's the ranking Democrat of the Senate Appropriations Committee. And he was the person who replaced Gretchen Whitmer in the State Senate.


Senator Hertel, it's a weird time for anybody who's a member of the legislature, obviously and for you, you can feel in a way kind of helpless, because there's so many things you want to do and so many things you can't.


Curtis Hertel Jr  3:08

Well, there's plenty of stuff I can do. I mean, I, I would say it's really don't feel helpless. You know, I spent a lot of time talking to the governor's office. And, you know, I'm proud to help. There are a lot of time trying to navigate with my constituents, and I don't understand everything that's going on. So it's really don't feel helpless. And it is a certainly a crazy time though.


Walt Sorg  3:29

On Tuesday, the legislature is coming back hopefully to extend the the governor's emergency powers up until now really, there's been very little of the usual partisan sniping going on, it seems in the background of the Republican leadership been very quiet and very supportive.


Curtis Hertel Jr  3:44

Yeah. I you know, I, I'm a little perplexed at why extending this order has become the issue. I've seen a lot of members talking about checks and balances and all those things. I mean, really at this Point, all this is doing is extending the emergency declaration. So we're not even really talking about the other orders, just the actual emergency declaration itself. And it would seem to me that, you know, if we have to meet once, that's our job, and I'm not going to complain about it when there are people risking their lives every day in the middle of this crisis. That being said, doesn't make a whole lot of sense to keep meeting and it would make the most sense to extend the 70 days for the protection of Michigan that the government can continue to make decisions and for the protection of the legislature itself.


Walt Sorg  4:38

You've already lost tragically one, one of your colleagues in the legislature. Are you concerned just the idea of being in the chamber with another 20 – 30 people,


Curtis Hertel Jr  4:48

they're going to set it up in a way that will never be in the chamber all together. What happened to representative Robinson is just terrible. Isaac was a really good guy. very passionate. powerful leader for the city of Detroit. But no, I'm not worried in the sense that I know the protections that are being put in. I know that there'll be proper social distancing and that all of our temperatures will be taken. No, so no, I'm not I'm not worried. And, again, I think that if there are nurses and doctors and technicians and hospitals, that are putting our lives on the line every single day, there are first responders putting their lives on the line every single day. And there are grocery workers putting their lives on the line every single day, that it would be a little much for me to complain about having to go to session.  So is it a risk? Yes. Is it a risk that's worth it, though, if we're extending the governor's order thing is yes.


Walt Sorg  5:47

Yeah, obviously short term the issues is the health crisis. But longer term the state is digging it getting dug into a huge fiscal hole. The last time we went through a recession, the state's resources crazy And it took forever to get out of that hole. How deep is this thing going to get for the state for state government for local government


Curtis Hertel Jr  6:07

for this year Early projections are one to $3 billion just in this fiscal year, and another 123. Next, that is very serious for a state that never actually raised any revenue in the good times. Usually states have during good times, large rainy day funds. We don't have a huge rainy day fund, we have just about 10% of our general fund budget. Yeah, the state frankly, under Governor Snyder got to be in some pretty good economic times. Thanks, Obama, but unfortunate didn't save during those times to actually put ourselves in a good spot now. So I am very concerned that we are dealing with the same actual budget numbers as we were 20 years ago with now this on the horizon. It's a it's a very, I think, disturbing time that we're all gonna have to deal with.


Walt Sorg  6:59

What about the Manufacturing centers in Michigan new represent the Lansing area which has two General Motors assembly plants on it. The projections are the new car sales are going to plummet like 60%, which for Lansing, Detroit, Pontiac Flint, that's a huge number. What can be done to help those areas especially we should probably hit harder than any place in the country.


Curtis Hertel Jr  7:21

First of all, I appreciate those that are going online to start production of other things during during this crisis. So the fact that we have been producing ventilators and other things, that's great. I don't think what we know what the long term impact as yet economically, I certainly it's going to look like a recession no matter what because of the current numbers and it'd be hard to argue we're not in a downturn. That being said, we don't know once we get out of this what companies recover quickly, while people you know, there might be a surge of people wanting to go out and do things very quickly and that might change a lot of the forecasts. So certainly, obviously, we're not selling cars in the middle of this. And we shouldn't be, our health is more more more important. I would be cautious of making any long term predictions this second, I think we should see what happens after the after the crisis is over.


Walt Sorg  8:18

What about the surfaces that those cars ride on until three weeks ago, the issue was fixed the damn roads? That seems to be kind of on the back burner? Now, there are the efforts to improve our infrastructure, basically to be dependent now on the feds. And if nothing happens there, we're going to have to wait even longer.


Curtis Hertel Jr  8:36

No, I don't think that's true. I mean, I think that the governor's still committed to making those long term investments and we should, but I'm glad that the federal government's by talking about infrastructure funding as well. That would be a that would be a good thing as well.


Walt Sorg  8:48

infrastructure week for the Trump administration for three years.


Curtis Hertel Jr  8:51

yeah this deal has been on the table I think several times for discussions but never ever gotten there. But I do think that would be a good thing. Absolutely. And our problems aren't just roads, it's the pipes underneath the ground too.  The investment, or lack thereof has been across the board on infrastructure.


Walt Sorg  9:11

You are probably in the best position of anybody in the state to evaluate the job the governor is doing. You replaced her in the State Senate. You've known her for literally decades. All of a sudden, it seems like she is a huge national figure. Every shortlist for running mate for vice for Vice President Biden has her on it, and has her really in the top four or five. Are you surprised to see her rising to this national prominence so quickly?


Curtis Hertel Jr  9:36

I'm not one of you know, she's a heck of a leader, the post state of the state response, state of the union response was maybe the best one I've ever saw. You know, she, she, she's a gamer, when when it comes to those things, and she's always been a fantastic fighter for people. I'm not surprised. And I think it really I mean, it's a great juxtaposition in the sense that you have you know, a president who Obviously downplayed this risk, obviously wasn't prepared for it. I mean, you have this son in law on TV yesterday saying that, that the Federal stockpile is theirs and not the states as if the country is anything more than a combination of states against a governor who has stood up, made tough decisions, went out and actually defended them, and is trying to keep her state safe. And I think that is a great, you know, a strong woman who has taken powerful action versus a president who is more interested about how many people are watching us press briefings, than how many people have the disease? I think it's a great matchup. So if I was Joe Biden, I'd be looking at her for sure. Or Bernie Sanders fan matter, although I think, you know,


Walt Sorg  10:48

it's probably a done deal by now on on that issue.


Curtis Hertel Jr  10:51

But But you know, I mean, I think that absolutely, I would, you know, I mean, I think that's what you really see, you know, Governor's like Gretchen Whitmer and governors like Andrew Cuomo really Stepping up in these situations,


Walt Sorg  11:01

she has made a point of not openly trying to pick a fight with the President. But at the same time, she was on national TV the other night wearing a sweatshirt that read that woman from Michigan.


Curtis Hertel Jr  11:12

Yeah, I thought that was pretty good. Yeah. Well, you know, I mean, I don't know if you saw the article today, but the republicans have basically in from Michigan have said, Please stop doing this to the President, that it's hurting him. And I think that's absolutely true. I think the people of this state that they don't want, I mean, for for a president, for God's sakes, Walt, for president on national TV, to say that he wouldn't call a governor back or to make, you know, stupid jokes on Twitter about her name. What are we in third grade? I mean, it's it's really sad where we've gotten as a country. That's really you know, I'm not I think, in many ways, one of the reasons why Biden's doing so well is that people just don't want to think about the White House any longer because they're tired of all the crap that comes out of it every single day. She stood up from Michigan, but you know, these these attacks are insane. It's just really I mean, it's really sad to think if you if you wrote some of the things the President says, in a movie script, they'd throw the script out and tell you that it's not believable. Right. Unless the movie was idiocracy. I don't know if you've ever seen idiocracy.


Walt Sorg  12:20

Now maybe it was Josh Rogen playing the president or something.


Curtis Hertel Jr  12:24

idiocracy is a movie where a professional wrestler becomes president and the country is just lost its way completely. And


Walt Sorg  12:32

we tried that in Minnesota.


Curtis Hertel Jr  12:34

This is by the makers of South Park. So I mean, it's right. I think.  You should go see it.


Walt Sorg  12:39

One last issue and that is the election and the ability of people to vote safely. Michigan Of course now, thanks to proposal three last year, has no reason absentee balloting, but still 3040 50% of jurisdictions vote in person, any chance that the state would go to a complete mail-in election? I know Secretary of State is getting more aggressive in this area. But is there any chance the legislature will take further action?


Curtis Hertel Jr  13:04

You know, you have to I think you have to be somewhat careful because there are people that because they've moved recently or because they don't have a permanent address of any sort, they still have a right to vote. So you have to be somewhat careful that I am. I hope that by November, that it's safe for us all to go to the polls. And if it's not, we'll have to create it with things like mail.


Walt Sorg  13:27

When your district it's like 60 70% absentee vote already.


Curtis Hertel Jr  13:31

Yeah. Yeah. But and there's gonna be massive turnout. You know, I mean, I think we're gonna see more people participate in this election than ever had before. I'm open to being active on more of the vote by mail, but I hope we're not in a situation where I have to require it because I do think there's are there are reasons why some people mail does not exactly work.


Walt Sorg  13:52

Senator Hertel, thanks so much for joining us on the policast. Go wash your hands.


Curtis Hertel Jr  13:57

Thank you friend, you too.


Walt Sorg  13:58

Take care.


Larry David  14:08

I'm Larry David. Obviously, somebody put me up to this business. generally not the kind of thing I do, but I basically want to address the idiots out there and you know who you are. Are you going out? I don't know what you're doing you. You're socializing too close. It's, it's not good. You're hurting old people like me, or not me. I have nothing to do with me, I'll never see you. But you know, other, let's say other old people who might be your relatives who the hell knows. But the problem is, you're passing up a fantastic opportunity a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay in the house, sit on the couch, and watch, watch TV. I mean, I don't know how you're passing that up. Well, maybe because you're not you're not that bright, but here it is. Go Home watch TV that's that's my advice to you you know if you've seen my show nothing good ever happens going out of the house you know that there's just trouble out there. It's not a good place to be. So stay home and and you know don't see anyone except maybe if there's a plumbing emergency, let the plumber in and then you know wipe everything down after this but that but that's okay.


Walt Sorg  15:34

The governor has become kind of a national media star with the help of Skype, zoom and FaceTime. She's been interviewed virtually everywhere every day on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, which has been temporarily renamed the daily social distancing show. She appeared with Trevor Noah wearing a T shirt burying the caption, that woman from Michigan. Some Republicans are grumbling that she's politicizing something that should be above partisan politics.  In a teleconference, Congressman Andy Levin from Oakland County disagreed.


Andy Levin  16:03

This is way above politics. We're talking about losing 100,000 to 250,000 American lives, even if we try to act with all due intentionality. And so I just think that we need to be very forthright about this and speak factually and scientifically and not have politics come into it.


Walt Sorg  16:29

And democratic party chair Levora Barnes was even more direct. If you want to get Donald Trump's attention. You got to go where he is and that is on television.


Lavora Barnes  16:38

It's an important for all of us to be holding this administration accountable for its response to this pandemic and for its lack of response to this pandemic. And that's what the governor is doing. And the governor needs to be out there having these conversations with reporters and in the press for two reasons. One, because that's how we all get information in this day and age when we're sitting in our home blocks from tellers And she's sharing the information that she needs, the people to know and to. This is how you get to this president, how you get him to respond. This is how you get him to get you what you need, and going where you know, he'll see you, which is on television and asking what you need and that's what the government is doing.


PSA  17:21

COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus has spread throughout the world. There are a few ways to help lower the spread of this respiratory disease. Wash your hands. Avoid touching your face, including mouth, nose and eyes. Cover your coughs and sneezes, monitor your symptoms and consult with your doctor. Stay at home and away from other sick people except for medical care, clean and disinfect high touch surfaces. For more information, please visit Thank you.


Walt Sorg  17:57

A couple of quick political notes from The most digital political campaign for US Senate continues to be a one way race. Republican john James has now gone more than 10 months since his last TV interview. Seven months since he talked with a Michigan newspaper reporter. Democrats are using his silence to define him. And the definition isn't good. He's being branded as the candidate who opposes you having healthcare coverage.


AD  18:23

Have you seen the plans john James has for health care, it would cost a lot more for me and us and probably you too. JOHN James supports a plan that will allow insurance companies to discriminate against people with pre existing conditions like me, the cost of prescription drugs will go up even more. And john James supports of age checks on older Americans that could cost us thousands more a year. JOHN James is just wrong for Michigan. SMP is responsible for the content of this advertising.


Walt Sorg  18:53

Also on the agenda this week, new polling from two sources providing some insights into how Michigan voters you're thinking these days.  One of the polls from the Great Lakes survey by Baldwin college he quoted these findings. Donald Trump trails a generic Democrat in Michigan 47-38 undecided voters, people who said it depends on the Democratic nominee favor Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders by a 60-40 margin, asked it in the most important issue 34% said healthcare 30%. said the economy on the economy, people felt things had gotten worse by a 44-33 margin, and would get even worse by a margin of 51-23. And Michigan citizens feel the governor Whitmer's handling of Cova 19 is overwhelmingly good get a 69% positive rating, just 21% negative. There's a lot more in the poll, which sample public opinion also in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio. We'll have a link to the full polling document on our website. another poll is just come out taking the political temperature of Michigan sponsored by Progress Michigan, it's the first in a monthly report. They are calling lake effect joining us as the depth Director of Progress Michigan Sam Inglot. Sam, why is it that Progress Michigan decided to go ahead with this monthly survey?


Sam Inglot  20:07

Mainly because you know, Progress Michigan as a communications hub, we're always looking for really where people are at on the issues right. And in Progress Michigan, we work on a variety of different things from reproductive health, environmental justice, labor rights, transparency and accountability. And we thought it would just be a good idea to work with our friends at Public Policy Polling to put together what we're calling lake effect. To release these monthly research reports really just kind of doing a temperature check on where Michiganders are at on the issues that really are kind of like making the headlines of the day or even as we go forward, maybe some things that folks aren't considering. But we thought it was really important for this month for our first issue to get really a gauge on where everyone was thinking as far as what's at the top of everybody's minds, the coronavirus so That's how we came to this.


Walt Sorg  21:01

And when you talk about pulling on the coronavirus, first and foremost, really it focuses on the chief executive at the state and the national level. And you found some very striking differences between the approval and the confidence that people have between governor Whitmer and President Trump.


Sam Inglot  21:18

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, really, the one that really jumped out to me the most was the do approve or disapprove of Governor Whitmer's handling of COVID 19. And those numbers were crazy high 62% approve of the job that she's doing, while only 28% disapprove 10. Not sure. Those are pretty high marks and really across the board from the handful of questions that we asked. Governor Whitmer got more support than Donald Trump did, both in general overall job performance as well as their handling of COVID 19. And I think that's, I mean, anybody that's kind of just looking at what's happening in Michigan, it's hard to deny that even given a very tough situation, Governor Whitmer has done everything that she can to try to keep the public safe. From the stay home stay safe executive order to trying to get folks water turned back on that's been shut off. And, you know, working with school communities and teacher unions to try to have some semblance of like, order and information going around about what's happening with schools.


Walt Sorg  22:30

And the schools issue is interesting, because you pulled this before she announced your decision to close the schools for the rest of the year. But your polling shows she was on very firm ground from a policy standpoint, but also from a public perception standpoint.


Sam Inglot  22:43

Yeah, I think so. And that's, I mean, that's a tough call to make, right? Because school is just not a, you know, one. It's it's a routine. Parents can know that their kids are safe there. They get meals, their education, obviously in continuing you know, the learning process. But I think, you know, what we got here is 58% support for a proposal to end the school year now, while making sure that students are on track to still graduate. And you know, there were a couple different options that were kind of talked about. I know while that conversation was going on, but, you know, this happened. The poll came out actually the day that she announced and the poll was actually running from March 31 to April 1, while that conversation was taking place. So it would seem from our polling, at least, that the public is behind governor Whitmer's decision to end the school year early


Walt Sorg  23:40

in 2018, there was a petition drive to require paid sick leave time for many, many Michigan workers. It got to the legislature and they figured out a way basically to gut the proposal so that a lot of workers didn't have paid sick time. But your polling show that it's very likely that would have passed had Voters been allowed to vote on it.


Sam Inglot  24:02

Oh, yeah. I mean, absolutely. I mean, our poll showed that 47% of respondents said they would be less likely to support a candidate who back to the adopting and amending and gutting of that paid sick time proposal because, again, we really wanted to kind of do a temperature check on where folks were at with these issues. as relates to Cova, 19, paid sick leave, I mean, something that virtually every single person now is either, you know, is grappling with, was really at the top of that, and we saw a very tumultuous legislative process with what happened with that ballot campaign. And we knew there was public support for it. And it appears that, at least where the public's at right now, that, you know, elected officials that back to that, you know, that shady adopt and amend proposal. You know, the public might not be too happy about that course of action, and I think we're going to kind of see Continue to see that grow as questions about health care paid time off, you know, who is essential workers, all that kind of conversation as this coronavirus extends, you know, for the foreseeable future at least, I think we'll continue to see some of those attitudes developer on those issues.


Walt Sorg  25:16

I suspect if Republican legislators had known back then, that there would be a week when more than 100,000 Michiganders would file for unemployment, and then there'd be another week or 100,000 Michiganders applied for unemployment. And probably another week after that, they might have voted differently.


Sam Inglot  25:33

Maybe? Well, we one thing is for sure, the Republican legislature takes their marching orders from the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and the chamber was not going to you know, change their views on this paid sick leave policy. And we've kind of seen some of the rhetoric coming out of, you know, rich studley the end the chamber not really shaking on these, you know, pro worker pro family proposals, so You know, hindsight is always 2020. But Michigan Chamber of Commerce Money Talks, I think, a lot more in hindsight to at least Republican lawmakers.


Walt Sorg  26:10

You did the horse race questions to on the top two statewide races and your results. Were very consistent with other recent polls. You showed Joe Biden with a narrow lead over Donald Trump, which has been the case even though Biden, really thanks part to the the virus situation has been pretty much in the background.


Sam Inglot  26:28

Yeah, no. And again, I think that's probably there could be some correlation between how you know, people just view Donald Trump's handling of, you know, just his job as as President, as well as his handling of the coronavirus. You know, people people have seen the temper tantrums the finger pointing the downplaying of the crisis. And I think that's really impacting people's views of his how he's doing in his role, and they're probably weighing that against you know, other candidates. like Joe Biden.


Walt Sorg  27:01

Yeah. And also, you're pulling only partially would be impacted by the feud that he started with Governor Whitmer. And given her popularity that can't be helping him,


Sam Inglot  27:12

it's one of those things where I think, you know, Trump always likes to, you know, attack people to, you know, lift up his own inflated sense of ego. But this was a situation where, I mean, you even have folks like Lee Chatfield who have tweeted out, you know, that Gretchen Whitmer is the person in the best position to make decisions for Michigan and you've seen it, like I said, folks, like Chatfield try to temper at least on Twitter, some of that vitriol coming from Trump, you know, saying we need to work together. This isn't about Democrats. This isn't about Republicans. You know, Donald Trump's not listening to that. But I think that's really where the people of Michigan are at, you know, they, right now everyone should be focused on keeping ourselves safe. families in our communities safe and healthy. Gretchen Whitmer is focused on that, and that's clear she's provided level headed leadership, a cool, calm demeanor and provided, you know, accurate and well informed information to the people on a regular basis. Whereas Donald Trump continues with the temper tantrums the finger pointing the name calling. And I think people are sick of that right now.


Walt Sorg  28:25

He is number one on Facebook though he says even though that's not true, but he says he is


Sam Inglot  28:29

Yeah, he says a lot of things that aren't true. So I don't even really those kind of just go over my head at this point. Because, you know, it's kind of like, Yeah, well, the sun rose in the morning Donald Trump said something wasn't true.


Walt Sorg  28:40

Yeah, the sun doesn't even need to rise for that to happen in the US Senate race. You also show Gary Peters with a pretty decent lead but clearly he's still got some work to do.


Sam Inglot  28:51

Sure. And but i think you know, Gary Peters is it you know, we always say about Gary Peters like he seeks results, not the spotlight. He is doing, you know, his role as US Senator what is needed to, again help combat the coronavirus. And, you know, and things not related to Coronavirus, including like protect the Great Lakes. And while he holds that narrow lead, those are some things that I think people recognize about Gary Peters. And john James really has been pretty silent as far as the campaign goes, a few tweaks here and there. But, you know, for months now, it's kind of been the Where's john James sort of question instead of doing, you know, fundraising dinners with, you know, Republican groups and things like that. We really haven't seen john James kind of come out on issues like health care, paid sick leave, Medicaid, Medicare. And I think as the election draws closer, and john James is forced out of hiding, and people can ask him some of those questions we might see some of those lines delineate even more,


Walt Sorg  29:59

and we'll We're talking just a few moments about the Peters campaign. They're doing a very good job at trying to paint john James into a corner on health care. They're really defining him as the anti healthcare candidate.


Sam Inglot  30:11

Yeah, well, we'll see how that pays off. And again, you know, just looking at john James, it's not clear where he stands on a lot of issues that matter to people. We do know that he has said things about you know, you know, supporting Donald Trump 2,000% and things like that. But again, we'll once that senate races a little bit more front and center, and john James is maybe doing more rounds. Again, maybe we'll start to see some of those policy differences really kind of shake out between him and Peters.


Walt Sorg  30:42

Sam, always good talking with it. Thank you for joining us go pet the cat wash, your hands will be safe.


Sam Inglot  30:47

All right. Sounds good. appreciate you having me on.


Walt Sorg  30:49

Our thanks to Sam for being on the podcast. You can find a link to the full poll at


PSA  30:54

COVID 19 better known as Coronavirus has spread throughout the world. Symptoms of this respiratory disease may include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. These symptoms may show up two to 14 days after exposure. If you are experiencing these symptoms and have come into contact or are in an area with an ongoing outbreak, please call a hotline and or consult with a physician, clean and disinfect high touch surfaces. For more information, please visit Thank you.


Walt Sorg  31:36

that's gonna do it for this week's policast. For more information on today's subjects, head over to Michigan Policast comm for links, videos, tweets names and our usual general snark. We of course welcome your feedback, you can email us at or you can catch up with us on Facebook or on Twitter. Thanks for listening. We'll catch you again next week. And we leave with somebody who we lost Just this week, somebody who leaves us with some very timeless thoughts


Bill Withers – Lean on Me  32:26

Sometimes in our lives we all have pain We all have sorrow But if we are wise We know that there's always tomorrow Lean on me, when you're not strong And I'll be your friend I'll help you carry on For it won't be long ‘Til I'm gonna need Somebody to lean on


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