Voting, primaries, polls, Milliken tribute. John Austin on Michigan’s economy and Biden’s plan

August 3, 2020

Michigan Policast for Monday, August 3, 2020

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@MichSoS @JocelynBenson said citizens must also contribute to election security by guarding against the 'hacking of their minds' through the spreading of fear or propaganda. ~@freep @paulegan4 To Tweet



“This close to the primary, Michiganders should return their absentee ballots to their clerk’s office directly, or submit them via their local ballot dropbox, in order to ensure their vote is counted,' @MichSOSClick To Tweet
'#COVID19, 2018 Prop 3, and growing voter interest in the upcoming elections are driving up absentee ballot requests, creating a 'perfect storm' for Michigan's clerks.' ~ @CityClerkSwope @freep @Dave_Boucher1Click To Tweet



'We should encouraging vote by mail ... It is safe, it is secure and absolutely will reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.' ~@DrRobDavidson @freep @Dave_Boucher1Click To Tweet

Interesting primaries


“Today, the 13th Congressional District voted unanimously to censure State Representative Karen Whitsett for actions and statements made during and prior to the COVID-19 crisis. Representative Karen Whitsett has chosen to drive a wedge between herself and the Democratic Party with the use of incendiary words to attack fellow Democratic leadership in Michigan, while publicly supporting the Operation Gridlock protest. She continues to refuse to meet electronically with local precinct delegates and party members. Maybe she would be better served, if she considered the suggestion made by President Trump to join the Republican Party.” ~Source




Peter Meijer and Lynn Afendoulis primary attack ads:



John Austin on Michigan's economy, PUA, and Biden's plan


The end of #PUA is going to mean real hardship for families, which is unnecessary because we could have the money we need to keep everyone whole through this. ~ @John_C_Austin #COVID19 #UIAClick To Tweet

There aren't many places that have the ability to go from an idea or new discovery to manufacturing it and building it at scale. Michigan can do that. ~@john_c_austin Click To Tweet

Governor William Milliken tribute


Gov. William G. Milliken, the longest-serving and perhaps most beloved governor in the history of the state, will be remembered during a celebration of his life on Thursday, Aug. 6, at 2 p.m. in Kresge Auditorium at Interlochen Center for the Arts. ~Source


FLOW is deeply honored to announce that the Milliken bequest and memorial donations— along with future gifts invited at this time— will be pooled in the newly created Helen and William G. Milliken Fund For Love of Water. ~Source

“Gov. Milliken was a true statesman who led our state with integrity and honor,” said Whitmer, who called Milliken a family friend. “He had a unique ability to bring people from both sides of the aisle together for the betterment of Michigan. We are a stronger, safer, more sustainable state because of his leadership and dedication to the people who call it home.” ~Source

“It is my greatest hope that this administration will be known for its compassion, its idealism, its candor, and its toughness in the pursuit of public ends.” ~Gov Milliken #MillikenTributeClick To Tweet
'I thought he was a prince of a person who really cared about the environment, women's issues, and the bottle deposit bill. There were so many things that he sponsored.' ~Ann Rogers of @NMEAC1 #MillikenTribute To Tweet





Trump faces a trifecta of troubles in Michigan, according to political strategists and state polling: reduced support among less educated white voters in a contest against Biden compared with Hillary Clinton; motivated Black voters in the state’s urban centers; and suburban voters who continue to flee Trump’s divisive brand of politics.

There are uniquely local factors hampering the president, too: Trump’s unprovoked and unfulfilled threat this spring to “hold up funding” to the state because election officials planned to send absentee ballot applications to voters, as well as his loud sparring with Michigan’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, over her response to the coronavirus pandemic. Voters now consistently rate her performance on the issue positively and his unfavorably.

'@SenGaryPeters is leading in every survey taken this year, often by double digits.' ~@BooMan23 @monthly @GaryPeters @JohnJamesRevealClick To Tweet

Political notes


[Bull] Connor ordered firemen to use their hoses on protesters and onlookers, and as the demonstrators fled from the force of the hoses, Connor directed officers to pursue them with dogs. During the following days, television reports and newspapers across the country showed images of police and firemen using hoses, dogs, and batons to force demonstrators from downtown Birmingham. ~Source


Source: Washington Post | Governors who took strict measures on coronavirus are seeing better political outcomes

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