Racism, Biden’s VP, polls polls polls. C. Ballard on the wage gap and Hillary Scholten on MI-03

August 10, 2020

Michigan Policast for Monday, August 10, 2020

  In this episode:

  • Racism is a public health crisis
  • Biden's VP pick … Governor Whitmer?
  • Charles Ballard on the growing wage gap
  • The latest polls: Trump and James closing the gap?
  • Hillary Scholten and MI-03
  • Political Notes
  • Political attack ad of the week
  • Governor William Milliken Memorial
  • Transcript



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Racism is a public health crisis





‘From Sojourner Truth to Ralph Bunche to Joe Louis to Berry Gordy Jr. to Rosa Parks, the history of Black Michiganders reflects a diverse and unique blend of cultural, social, and economic leadership that have uplifted this state and had a profound impact on its history. Michigan was an active participant in the Underground Railroad even before it gained statehood, and Black workers were the backbone of the arsenal of democracy during World War II. In the mid-twentieth century, the desegregation of the auto industry made Southeast Michigan home to the nation’s most affluent Black population.' ~Source


Biden's VP pick … Governor Whitmer?

‘Whitmer seems prepared to be passed over. As she told Politico in April, “I think that there are some phenomenal women leaders across the country, and I will be the most enthusiastic supporter of [a] Biden-whomever ticket.”' ~Source

‘I think Harris might be the better candidate, because of her campaign experience and her prosecutorial chops; I think Rice might be the better vice president, because of her White House years as national security adviser and her close friendship with Biden.' ~Source

‘The consideration of Whitmer suggests Biden has yet to decide whether to choose a woman of color, which many supporters and Black leaders have urged him to do, in the wake of summer protests over police brutality and systemic racism.' ~Source

Charles Ballard on the growing wage gap


40 years ago, black workers in MI were paid more than black workers anywhere else in the world ... Since then they've lost substantial ground relative to white workers. A big part of it that comes through in our data is the education gap. @CBallardMSUEconClick To Tweet
'If you get to the end of your education and you have a deficiency in your education, that's going to have implications for your earnings for the rest of your life.' ~ @CBallardMSUEconClick To Tweet

There's been this increase in the payoff to an additional year of education in terms of how much extra money you earn, that increase has been bigger for the white workers than from the black workers that may speak to the poor quality of the schools in which many black children are educated.

40 years ago, the typical black woman in Michigan was actually paid 15% more than the typical white woman in Michigan. Now it's 15% less. So that's a 30 point swing in four decades. For men, it's dropped from black worker making 91% as much as the typical white worker to 76%. So not as huge a drop but still a very substantial drop both for men and for women, @CBallardMSUEcon

'The education gap is so crucial to the wage gap and it's likely to get worse due to the pandemic and inequities between those who can afford high-speed internet and private tutors, and those who cannot' ~ @CBallardMSUEconClick To Tweet
'If we get a situation where we've got dozens or hundreds of (@MSU) students testing positive in a short period of time, I think it will be very difficult for the administration to continue with much if any in-person instruction' @CBallardMSUEcon Click To Tweet


The latest polls: Trump and James closing the gap?

“The Republicans have really managed to screw themselves ... “They’re campaigning against mail-in voting, and the only people listening to them are Republicans.” - @BridgeMichigan @jonathanoosting https://bit.ly/30EEXttClick To Tweet

American voters overwhelmingly support a major, proactive role for state government in voting and election administration. https://bit.ly/3fKwBop @stateinnovation @TargetSmartClick To Tweet

American voters believe state government should take a proactive role in addressing barriers that prevent Black people from voting. https://bit.ly/3fKwBop @stateinnovation @TargetSmartClick To Tweet
American voters broadly support reforms to make voting more accessible, and they overwhelmingly support making vote-by-mail accessible to all voters. https://bit.ly/3fKwBop @stateinnovation @TargetSmartClick To Tweet
Recent poll: By 53-40, a majority of Michigan residents oppose the idea of stripping the governor of emergency powers. @GovWhitmer #UnlockMichigan #COVID19Click To Tweet

Hillary Scholten and MI-03

'We have taken this campaign from a handful of grassroots supporters in our local park to a nationally recognized million dollar campaign that is ready to make history here in West Michigan' @HillaryScholten #VotinforScholten Click To Tweet
'I want to bring service-oriented leadership back to our district as a mother, woman, civil rights attorney, and a person of deep faith' @HillaryScholten #VotinforScholten Click To Tweet
'Everything I care about is on the line in 2020. And I didn't want to look back on this moment and realize that I didn't do everything I possibly could to improve the lives of people in my community' @HillaryScholten #VotinforScholten Click To Tweet
'Everything I care about is on the line in 2020. And I didn't want to look back on this moment and realize that I didn't do everything I possibly could to help bring our country to a new direction' @HillaryScholten #VotinforScholten Click To Tweet

We're building something new here in West Michigan, a new political home for people who feel abandoned by their party who feel like they have never had a voice in the political process, conservative, progressive, moderate people who just want to come together to improve the lives of everyday people in West Michigan.

'I don't think that this campaign has to be a referendum on Donald Trump. We are very focused on local issues here' @HillaryScholten #VotinforScholten Click To Tweet
'We absolutely need comprehensive immigration reform, the system is broken' @HillaryScholten #VotinforScholten Click To Tweet
'We have a major humanitarian crisis when it comes to our immigration system, which is truly a blight on the reputation of the United States' @HillaryScholten #VotinforScholten Click To Tweet
'We have a major humanitarian crisis when it comes to our immigration system, and a massive economic crisis as well, we spend billions of dollars every single year to send aid to the border' @HillaryScholten #VotinforScholten Click To Tweet


Political Notes



“This is framing the U.S. Postal Service, a 245-year-old government agency, and comparing it to its competitors that could conceivably go bankrupt,” said Philip Rubio, a professor of history at North Carolina A&T State University and a former postal worker. “Comparing it to U.S. Steel says exactly that ‘We are a business, not service.’ That’s troubling.” ~Source



.@ArtReyesii of UAW Local 598 said that due to GM supply chains being sent to China and Mexico, the 'vulnerability of auto manufacturing in the U.S. has become clear' https://bit.ly/30GA3MmClick To Tweet


Political attack ad of the week

Runner up: Jared Kushner — Secretary Of Failure – Lincoln Project



Winner: Are You Better Off? | Meidas Touch | Airing Nationwide on Fox News



Governor William Milliken Memorial



“Gov. Milliken understood that true leadership means knowing that it is more important to listen than to speak,” Whitmer said. “… I've had several years learning the lessons of Gov. Milliken that he taught us everyday and that we are all Michiganders first. No matter our political party or the community in which we live, we're all bound together by this great state we call home.” ~Source

“He didn’t call people juvenile names,” said Bill Rustem, a former policy advisor. “He didn’t threaten, he was not petty. He didn’t bully and he rejected the lure of hyper-partisanship.” ~Source



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