GOP suppresses the vote, risks your health, rules your womb. Sean Hammond of MEC on climate change

September 7, 2021

Michigan Policast for Tuesday, September 7, 2021

  • Sleazy but not illegal ballot drives to reduce voting access and endanger public health
  • Texas abortion bounties, Roe v Wade, and Michigan's 1931 abortion law
  • COVID. More COVID.
  • Sean Hammond from Michigan Environmental Council
  • Political notes

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Sleazy but not illegal ballot drives to reduce voting access and endanger public health


“Republicans in Michigan and across the country have spent nearly a year promoting the Big Lie, and this attempt to place barriers between eligible voters and the ballot box is what they’ve been building up to,” said Inglot. “The 2020 election was the most secure in our state’s history, and these policies are nothing more than a flimsy justification for voter suppression. Michiganders will not stand for these attacks. It’s on all of us to come together across race, income level, and ZIP code to defend our freedom to vote.”

“A democracy only works when the voice of the people can be heard. No matter what they claim, the purpose of the GOP’s petition drive is to make it harder for some voters to vote, plain and simple. Voters Not Politicians will be alerting the public of the facts of this proposal and how it is anti-democratic and unnecessary,” said Nancy Wang, Voters Not Politicians executive director. “Now is the time for voters across the state to stand up for our freedom to vote and oppose this package of voter suppression measures.” ~Michigan Advance



“We’re pretty hopeful and optimistic here that we can get this process moving quickly, and get these enacted into law,” [Republican consultant Jaime] Roe said. “I would hope that the legislature would take immediate action particularly, please if we act with dispatch to get support from across the state.” ~Bridge Michigan




Merch to save America


Texas abortion bounties, Roe v Wade, and Michigan's 1931 abortion law


The [Michigan]law makes it a felony to use an instrument or administer any substance with the intent “to procure the miscarriage” of a woman unless necessary to preserve her life. ~AP News



As the Satanic Temple’s website explains:

”Consistent with our tenets that call for bodily autonomy and acting in accordance with best scientific evidence, The Satanic Temple religiously objects to many of the restrictions that states have enacted that interfere with abortion access. TST is taking many steps on behalf of our members and those who share our beliefs to establish exemptions from laws that do not promote the health and safety of patients and violate our conscience and beliefs.” ~Daily Kos


Texas has an infant mortality problem. The March of Dimes 2020 report card, a review of the health of moms and babies across the U.S., grading states and 100 cities on preterm birth rates and infant death, gave Texas a grade of a D. ~Reform Austin






At least 16 of Michigan’s 83 counties now have countywide school mask mandates. There are at least 220 districts with a mask policy in place, and 717,740 students (59 percent of all public K-12 students) must mask up. ~Bridge Michigan

Sean Hammond from Michigan Environmental Council

'The United States is way far behind on acting on climate change, both from a mitigation perspective. And then just from dealing with the impacts.' ~@SeanNHammond @michenvcouncilClick To Tweet
'The solution to the high #GreatLakes water levels is permanent setbacks, not trying to figure out shoreline mitigation year after year after year.' ~@SeanNHammond @michenvcouncil Click To Tweet
'Every year that we don't invest in the infrastructure we need to met mitigate the impacts of climate change, we're going to see that costs go up, not just in dollars, but in human lives.' ~@SeanNHammond @michenvcouncilClick To Tweet
'If we don't provide mitigation for heat, mitigation for these flood events, mitigation for the storms, we're going to pay for it year over year with an increasing bill, and we're going to pay for in lives lost' ~@SeanNHammond @MichEnvCouncil Click To Tweet


Political notes



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