Michigan Policast for Monday, May 27, 2019

Segment One:  A ‘historic' accomplishment – auto insurance “rate relief” for all Michigan drivers

The deal provides five options for drivers on the level of personal injury protection coverage they want. Under the deal, keeping the current unlimited coverage option would guarantee a 10% rate reduction in PIP coverage, which makes up about 50% of a typical insurance bill.

The other options include:

A 20% reduction in PIP rates for $500,000 in coverage
A 35% reduction for $250,000 in coverage
A 45% reduction for $50,000 in coverage
And a 100% reduction for senior citizens and drivers who have qualifying health insurance, such as Medicare or private insurance.

Watching @LeeChatfield and @SenMikeShirkey work productively with @GovWhitmer is so much better than watching @MikeBishopMI run to the bathroom to avoid shaking @JenGranholm 's hand after a budget deal. #Lansing #AutoInsurance #FTDR Click To Tweet
'This legislation puts insurance agents under pressure to advise people ... they will probably be reticent to advise you on your health insurance when they're talking about your #AutoInsurance' ~Amy Kerr HardinClick To Tweet

Segment Two:  AG Dana Nessel issues opinion that the lame duck ballot law is unconstitutional

'As a practical matter, a lot of the rules that the legislature enacted last year didn't have much meaning' ~@MichCurmudgeon on the #LameDuck rules for petition drivesClick To Tweet

Segment Three:  The Julian Assange indictments — what does this mean for the free press?

“…it’s not as if Assange’s prosecution will stop leaks of classified information. They “will be made in a much more reckless way,” Karle said, creating a “dangerous” precedent for both sides.
For an individual who wishes to leak classified information, Karle argues, “this prosecution basically says: you might as well publish the stuff yourself.”

On or about March 8, 2010, Assange agreed to assist Manning in cracking a
password stored on United States Department of Defense computers connected to the Secret
Internet Protocol Network, a United States government network used for classified documents and
communications, as designated according to Executive Order No. 13526 or its predecessor orders.

The #Assange indictment isn't just about publishing leaked documents, it's about assisting in the data exfiltration that allowed resulted in the leak. That #cybercrime is not covered by the #FirstAmendment #1A #FreeSpeech ~ @christinebarryClick To Tweet
“.@WikiLeaks is a giant library of the world's most persecuted documents. We give asylum to these documents, we analyze them, we promote them and we obtain more.” - Julian #Assange, Der Spiegel Interview Click To Tweet

Interview: Bernie Porn on Michigan polls

Epic MRA website

There's just so much good stuff in here.  Listen to this segment for:

  • Michigan polling trends over a long period of time
  • Why Michigan went to Trump in the last Presidential election
  • Why pollsters got a bad rap in terms of the national election in 2016
  • The effect of gerrymandering and the absence of party-line voting
  • The role of gender in the Michigan 2018 election
  • How Trump affected the 2018 election and how he will affect the Michigan 2020 election
  • The best candidates for Democrats to nominate if Michigan is a priority
  • Why the pre-election and pre-campaign polling is not good for Gary Peters
  • The impact of the gas tax on Whitmer's brand
  • Will #FTDR sales tax increase go to the ballot and if so will that help the Democrats?
'When you look at the broad array of candidates running for President, the vast majority of them on are the very progressive end ... most voters are more likely to support a moderate Democrat.' ~Bernie Porn, Epic MRA Click To Tweet
In Michigan, no one does polling better than Bernie Porn of EPIC/MRA. Bernie chats with @MichCurmudgeon in this week's episode. Click To Tweet

The official Michigan Policast library of doctored video:




Michigan Policast for 5-20-2019

Segment One:  State House Representative Larry Inman

Walt, Christine, and Amy run through a handful of hot topics in this episode, starting with the troubled State Representative Larry Inman.  Inman, who represents 104th District of Grand Traverse County, has been indicted for extortion and Amy gives us the details on this one.

Inman went on to text, “it's not worth losing assignments and staff for $5,000,” and “you need to get people maxed out,” according to the indictment. “People will not go down for $5,000, not that we don't appreciate it.”

'you need to get people maxed out ... People will not go down for $5,000, not that we don't appreciate it.' via @freepClick To Tweet

Segment Two:  Forced birth / anti-choice forces in Michigan

Note from Christine – The Maternal Infant Health Program is what I am referring to in this segment as one of the ‘stop-gap' programs that are defunct or inadequately funded. I was speaking from my experience covering the Shiawassee County Health Department several years ago when it cut prenatal care from its programs. Prenatal care was a required service of local health departments, and the Shiawassee Dept had allegedly stopped this service illegally. The service has since been restored.

… Right to Life would need 340,047 signatures to make it (nearly 90,000 more than last election). RTL said its goal is to collect 400,000 signatures.

Abortion and birth control – polling report with historical data


Segment Three:  Auto insurance

“Our D.R.I.V.E. plan puts drivers at the center of our solutions and makes sure they see a forty percent rate reduction for years to come.” ~@DonnaLasinski on @MiHouseDems #CarInsurance proposalClick To Tweet


'When you're proud of your work, you show it to the people. You don't hide it in the dark.' ~@ChrisGreigMI37 on ramming car insurance legislation through the Michigan House of RepresentativesClick To Tweet



Segment Four:  Democratic Presidential Primary


Wrapping up:  more resources and fun stuff

An incredibly interesting Young Turks segment on personhood and Elizabeth Warren's pro-choice stance as well. So good.


Here we have the Joe Biden video from the campaign launch that Walt mentioned

Larry Inman talking about the indictment

Thanks for listening !!

Michigan Policast for May 13, 2019

Opening audio:  Trump and kooks.  wtf?

Walt, Amy, and Christine kick off the show with a conversation on free speech on campus.  What's protected?  Where does Title IX come in?  And why can't these folks figure out the difference between “free speech” on, say, Facebook, and “free speech” on a public campus.  Amy has all the coverage here.

In this episode, the policasters argue over whether #PunchNazis is the answer to #FreeSpeech on campus. What do you think? Click To Tweet


In this segment on #FreeSpeech on campus, @michcurmudgeon and Amy encourage peaceful protest and #HugNazis over @christinebarry 's #PunchNazis approach. Click To Tweet



Segment two covers the Democratic Presidential candidates and their approach to healthcare. Medicare for all? Does private insurance have a place in a universal single payer society?

…Democrats are heading into the 2020 election cycle with a serious edge on an issue that has the potential to mobilize their base. But if the candidates pitch big, sweeping changes to the health care system without addressing voters’ concerns about cost and access, that advantage won’t necessarily hold up. And trying to sell Americans on a completely new system carries risks, even in the primaries.  ~ 

Segment three is our first ‘lightning round' which is not actually a lightning round but we didn't have a better name.

This week Walt talks to Michigan House Democratic Leader Christine Greig.  She joins us to discuss the recent car insurance bills, redistricting, and the dynamics of bipartisanship.

'We cannot cut our way to good roads and good schools. We keep waiting for that #Republican plan. We're waiting.' ~@ChrisGreigMI37Click To Tweet
Michigan House Dems leader Christine Greig joins Michigan Policast this week to discuss car insurance, redistricting, bipartisanship, FTDR, and working with Governor Whitmer. Click To Tweet
'I am only going to sign a bill that actually protects drivers and these bills do not do that,' ~@GovWhitmer on @MiSenate and @mi_republicans #CarInsurance bills via ~@freep Click To Tweet
As the drug problem has expanded beyond minorities, poor neighborhoods, and urban areas, lawmakers have started to realize that asset forfeiture should not be tolerated. ~@ChristineBarry Click To Tweet




Michigan Policast for May 6, 2019

Walt, Christine, and Amy kick off the show with a conversation on pictures of potholes on social media.  Christine posits that this is the most effective way to get people engaged in #FTDR, while Walt argues that people are already aware of the need, and the only problem is getting the revenues.  What do you think?

“It's going to take $2.5 billion a year,” said Detroit Regional Chamber CEO Sandy Baruah of Michigan's road-building needs. “Anyone who thinks you can cut even half of that out of other elements of the state budget without having significant ramifications to real people, you're smoking something that's not legal.”

“This is 40 years of disinvestment in the state of Michigan, and it's coming due now,” Whitmer said of the roads.

The #MISenate GOP 2020 transportation budget ignores #FTDR. Senate GOP says they will have a plan for the roads later. Inadequate funding may lead to a budget veto by @GovWhitmer @MISenate @MiSenDems Click To Tweet


In segment two this week, Amy takes us through the bipartisan car insurance issue. Gender and regional disparities, catastrophic claims, and so much more.

Source: The Zebra

In segment three we chat about Senator Gary Peters and his focus on climate change and green energy as an economic issue.

Our guest this week is Jeff Padden, Board Chair at Public Policy Associates and former state representative. He talks to us about the redistricting process, term limits, and so much more.


'Term limits have been a disaster for the state, it's complete nonsense ... People believed that many many legislators serve for decades, it was just never true.' ~Jeff Padden #TermLimits #LobbyingIsAGrowthIndustryClick To Tweet
'.@briancalley has been canny about finding common ground between the interests of his constituency and the intentions of @GovWhitmer' ~Jeff Padden @SBAM Click To Tweet
'If I were in the position of the Republican leadership, I would be very nervous about taking on my principal constituency, which is the business community.' ~Jeff Padden on the business community support for #FTDR // @GovWhitmer @MISenate @MiSenDems Click To Tweet



Michigan Policast for April 29, 2019

Walt and Christine cover the federal court ruling that Michigan is unconstitutionally gerrymandered.  The legislature was ordered to fix it in time for the 2020 election.  Walt's expertise in this area shines in this segment.  If you're interested in this issue, you'll want to hear what he has to say.

How has the @MIGOP created an artificial and illegal legislative majority? This segment breaks it down and reviews the recent fed court ruling on the constitutionality of the #MIGOP actions. Click To Tweet
“Partisan gerrymandering can injure voters’ First Amendment rights by subjecting members of the disfavored party to discrimination because of their viewpoints,” ~http://bit.ly/2La6P2K via @jonathanoostingClick To Tweet
'We've spent a lot of time providing options to ensure we have a solid 9-5 delegation in 2012 and beyond,' @MiChamber legal counsel Bob LaBrant in support of unconstitutional #gerrymanderingClick To Tweet

Source: The Detroit News

In segment two we cover Joe Biden's entrance into the 2020 Presidential race.  He's currently leading the polls and he says he's the one to beat Trump.  What's the deal here?



Source: FiveThirtyEight
Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist (LG3?) joins us for segment three to discuss roads, budgets, public trust, and more.


In our final segment, Jon Hoadley joins us to discuss his campaign for Congress, his legislative priorities, and why it's so important to focus on running for the benefit of his district.


Michigan Policast for April 22, 2019

Walt, Amy, and Christine do something a little different this week.  The redacted Mueller report was published last week, and the talk of impeachment is being heard all around the country.  House should the Democrats in the Michigan congressional delegation respond?  What about Elissa Slotkin and Haley Stevens, who both flipped formerly Republican districts?

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Michigan Policast for April 15, 2019

Walt, Amy, and Christine chat about the primaries.

Segment 1:  Does Michigan belong to Bernie?  Biden leads in Michigan right now, but so did Hillary.  Will the pollsters repeat the mistakes of 2016?


Segment 2:  What about Mayor Pete?  What kind of impact will the LGBTQ community have on his campaign?  How important is his age to this era of politics?

In segment 3 Amy covers the Michigan cyberbullying law that was pushed through lame duck last year. Much of the information in Amy's segment is covered in her upcoming piece in the Northern Express.


This week Walt speaks to Gilda Jacobs, Executive Director of the Michigan League for Public Policy.  Gilda joins us to discuss the importance of an accurate census and what the numbers will mean to public services in Michigan.

Michigan Policast for April 8, 2019

On this episode, Christine and Walt get their hands dirty with some tough topics.  We kick things off with Governor Whitmer asking the legislature to do their work and get a budget done on time.  Will she own a shutdown should they come to an impasse?  How does this compare to Trump's shutdown over the wall?

House Speaker Lee Chatfield won't 'compromise' the budget based on an 'artificially set date.' Because that's the choice he's offering -- you'll either give him his summer vacation, or you'll get garbage work. Click To Tweet

In segment two we continue the conversation around Speaker Lee Chatfield and his choice of words describing the actions taken by the Governor and Attorney General on Line 5.  Is it fair to criticize his remarks as sexist?  Audio includes the segment from his interview on WJR.


Segment three is all about huggy Joe Biden.  Is Joe just being Joe?  And if so, is that because Joe is insensitive?  Can anyone get it right?

Katie Fahey from Voters Not Politicians (VNP) talks to Walt about her work to build a national organization modeled after VNP.


Michigan Policast for April 1, 2019

This week Walt and Christine take on a handful of topics, starting with President Trump's visit to Grand Rapids.  Walt has soundbites and actual facts to rebut the crazy things trump spewed forth.  We also discuss the anti-Trump Rally which included Richard Ojeda (Facebook video at bottom of post).

In segment two we talk about the role of empathy in winning the 2020 elections.  Which candidate can connect with the voters?  Does policy have a place in showing empathy?  This segment includes comments from Elissa Slotkin's appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher.

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Michigan Policast for March 25, 2019

Walt gets us rolling with a conversation on the Democratic primaries.  We have soundbites, we have questions, we have theories.  Here are the links:

Presidential Approval Ratings — Donald Trump



Segment two is a look at the 2019 ALICE in Michigan.  This is an economic study by the Michigan Association of United Ways.  Was the “Michigan Comeback” really a comeback?  Was Governor Snyder really the “Comeback Kid?”  Decide for yourself by downloading the report.


Download the 2019 ALICE in Michigan report here for information on unemployment, underemployment, demographics, regional data, and more.


Study: More Michiganders struggle to afford basic needs

Our #FTDR report is the subject of segment three.


This week Walt talks to Dr. Charles Ballard, Professor of economics and director of State of the State Survey at MSU.