What in the world is wrong with the Freep?

Last week the Detroit Free Press issued an endorsement for Rick Snyder.  The Snyder endorsement was scathing in its criticism of the Governor, as most Free Press editorials have been over the past 4 years.  As though that weren't enough, the Snyder endorsement praised Mark Schauer and his values.  And still, it was a Snyder endorsement.  If you were wondering “WTF???” you were not alone.

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In this episode we are joined by Lynn Mason, who is campaigning to represent the 86th district in the Michigan House of Representatives.  Here's her website.  Some of the things she talks about:

  • She's out-raised her opponent so far.  How did she do it?
  • Why schools are so important.
  • Why Lisa Posthumus Lyons is disingenuous with her positions and votes.
  • How Lynn's background as a farmer, small business owner, and teacher, is helping her connect with people.
  • A whole lot more.
  • How we hold Snyder and Posthumus Lyons accountable
  • Did she or didn't she?  Lisa has 2 different positions on the Grover Norquist pledge this year.
  • Lisa Posthumus Lyons raised taxes the same year she signed the Norquist pledge so does that last point really matter anyway?

Amy has a great write-up on all of this here.

This was the first time I talked to Lynn, and I love how genuine she is.  I also appreciate the fact that she's out there talking about what her opponent is up to.  Not only is she clear on what she stands for, she's out there reminding people about the way that that Posthumus Lyons has represented the area.  Great job so far.

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(Correction: The amount Terri Lynn Land received from Meijer family members was incorrectly stated as $94,000. The correct amount is $9,400)

So much to talk about today!

We start with the debate.  My take?  Mark had to meet a higher standard than did Snyder.  No one had any expectations of Snyder doing well, and Snyder met that lack of expectations very well.  Did Mark meet the expectations we had of him?  Snyder says fracking is part of energy independence and we do it right in Michigan (foul!) and we frack all over the place.  His record on fracking is proof that he is pro-environment.  (wtf?)

Best part of the debate:  Rick Snyder admits that Republicans won't vote for a revenue increase this close to an election.  So folks, you may have to wait for them to fix the roads because they have elections coming up and that's way more important than your lives and your property.

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Welcome everyone to our episode 17 of Michigan Policast.  Today we are joined by Pam Byrnes, former state legislator and current candidate for Michigan's 7th Congressional District.  That puts her head to head with Tim Walberg, a giant loon.

We start with more on the EAA.  Alumni and faculty came together to ask the EMU board to disassociate itself from the EAA.  We've also seen some Eastern Michigan students protest against the university's EAA affiliation.  What's up Eastern?  Why are you in bed with the EAA anyway?

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Today we start with transportation funding.  Amy has a great article here – MDOT’s 2.7 Billion Dollar Boondoggle – and we get into all the nitty gritty on that.  Check out the article for more info on what she was talking about and to see more about the questions I asked.

I'm covering the new report by the ACLU Michigan, BUZZKILL: HOW THE EAA EXPLOITED DETROIT'S MOST VULNERABLE KIDS. If you are interested in this topic, I encourage you to look at the report. We couldn't possibly do justice to that investigation in this podcast, so you'll learn a lot more by reading that.

You should also hop over to BFM and check out our conversation with Ellen Cogen Lipton, or listen to Ellen on Tony Trupiano's radio show. That playlist is here.

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Here we talk about formal debates vs town halls .. which format is better for Snyder?  Will the moderators keep the candidates on track?  How do Snyder's town halls compare to the one town hall where he will be asking questions?

Is Bill Milliken's endorsement really irrelevant?

Aramark keeps their contract, Michael Moore gets fired.

Don't call it a pension tax!!  Also, I make a joke that doesn't land.  Crash & burn Christine.  Crash & burn.

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There are just so many scandals from the Snyder administration, even the First Lady can't be trusted.

Well maybe she can be trusted on the her pro-vax message, but I still have questions.

Today we revisit the debate over debates.  Why do debates have value?  Why won't Snyder debate?  Why is it important down (GOP) ticket that Snyder not debate?  How bad could Terri Lynn Land be if she debated?  All this and more.

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It's Michigan Politics 013 for the week of September 8, 2014.  Today we're looking at Rick Snyder's ads, absentee voting, MDP GOTV efforts, Kochity Kochs, and more.

Let's start with Snyder's douchey ad. If you haven't seen it on tv, feel free to subject yourself to the ad here:

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Welcome to our latest edition of the Michigan Policast.  Walt and I recorded this last Sunday, and Amy took the day off for some well-deserved downtime.

Today we talk about the latest polls.  Mark Schauer up against Rick Snyder, Totten within striking distance of Schuette, and Peters has a good lead against Land.  What will the independents / undecided do?  How did the unknown Totten get so close to the guy who has run for every office there ever was?  Is the ‘Land for Senate' campaign an insult to all Senate campaigns?

And why do right-wingers hate teachers?  For the same reason they hate all good things.  We talk about that too.

What else?

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This show was recorded on Sunday, our new recording day.  We moved from Wednesday to the weekend in part to make it easier on us, but primarily because it just made sense with the news we were covering.   This is also the first episode where I invoke a 4 letter word.  There was some behind-the-scenes discussion as to whether I used the correct 4 letter word, but this video should put that debate to rest.  😉

In this episode I discuss whether Snyder is aloof, deliberately aloof, or really really deliberately aloof.  Listen to my segment and then tell me that Rick Snyder doesn't remind you of the honey badger.

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