There are just so many scandals from the Snyder administration, even the First Lady can't be trusted.

Well maybe she can be trusted on the her pro-vax message, but I still have questions.

Today we revisit the debate over debates.  Why do debates have value?  Why won't Snyder debate?  Why is it important down (GOP) ticket that Snyder not debate?  How bad could Terri Lynn Land be if she debated?  All this and more.

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It's Michigan Politics 013 for the week of September 8, 2014.  Today we're looking at Rick Snyder's ads, absentee voting, MDP GOTV efforts, Kochity Kochs, and more.

Let's start with Snyder's douchey ad. If you haven't seen it on tv, feel free to subject yourself to the ad here:

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Welcome to our latest edition of the Michigan Policast.  Walt and I recorded this last Sunday, and Amy took the day off for some well-deserved downtime.

Today we talk about the latest polls.  Mark Schauer up against Rick Snyder, Totten within striking distance of Schuette, and Peters has a good lead against Land.  What will the independents / undecided do?  How did the unknown Totten get so close to the guy who has run for every office there ever was?  Is the ‘Land for Senate' campaign an insult to all Senate campaigns?

And why do right-wingers hate teachers?  For the same reason they hate all good things.  We talk about that too.

What else?

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This show was recorded on Sunday, our new recording day.  We moved from Wednesday to the weekend in part to make it easier on us, but primarily because it just made sense with the news we were covering.   This is also the first episode where I invoke a 4 letter word.  There was some behind-the-scenes discussion as to whether I used the correct 4 letter word, but this video should put that debate to rest.  😉

In this episode I discuss whether Snyder is aloof, deliberately aloof, or really really deliberately aloof.  Listen to my segment and then tell me that Rick Snyder doesn't remind you of the honey badger.

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This show is a bit late due to my recent road trip across the country.  We delayed it so that I could participate, but it didn't work out, so today you get Amy and Walt without the Christine.  (Try not to notice the significant improvement!!)

We have a bit of audio from Governor Snyder lamenting about his leaky roof.  You want to hear this audio, if you haven't.  Frank Beckmann is doing his best to set Snyder up as a regular guy who can relate to the flooding disaster, and then …. facepalm.

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After a brief chat on Wednesday 8/6, we all decided that it would be best to wait a day and record on Thursday.  There were so many things going on after the primaries, and we were all either wiped out, burned out, or bummed out.  So we waited a day, and ended up getting a new story out of it.  Thursday morning, the Lansing Democrats held a press conference on yet another Snyder scandal (YASS, so we don't miss out on an acronym).

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Hey hey hey here we are again with another episode of the Michigan Policast, your weekly dose of something really special that we haven't yet named. Today we had fun talking about the primaries, Mark Schauer's job plan, and prop 1.

Pay some attention to Paul Mitchell.  He's well on his way to buying Dave Camp's seat. He's just a regular guy who wants to end your health care and raise the cost of your education.

Paul Mitchell, highest bidder, 4th CD
Links over the jump …

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What can I say? I <3 Maxwell Smart

Today we have more technical problems, which technical ninja Walt Sorg did his best to minimize for you while Amy and I struggled with bandwidth and broken dreams.

On this episode we talk about the GOP spy ring, straight out of Get Smart:

And a little bit on Emergency Managers … why they suck and why Mark Schauer doesn't like them. Here's what he's said about them:

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What a show this was!  Amy & I laughed most of the way through it, while all three of us struggled with technical issues and background noise.  Walt really pulled everything together, and I can't imagine it was easy.

Walt is good at this!!!

Anywaaaay … in this episode we talk about the super-secret GOP spies, purity pledges, and the refugees coming in from Honduras, Guatamala, and El Salvador.  We're even getting demonstrations in Michigan on this.

A couple of notes about the GOP spy video that we didn't mention in the show …

Is that legal?

750.539c Eavesdropping upon private conversation.

Sec. 539c.

Any person who is present or who is not present during a private conversation and who wilfully uses any device to eavesdrop upon the conversation without the consent of all parties thereto, or who knowingly aids, employs or procures another person to do the same in violation of this section, is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment in a state prison for not more than 2 years or by a fine of not more than $2,000.00, or both.

Is that a Honda?

Let's all thank Natalie for her contribution to the Michigan auto recovery! *applause*

Here are some links:

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Today Rich Robinson joins the three of us to discuss money in politics.  Many of you know Rich from Michigan Campaign Finance Network.  In this episode we talk about a few different things:

You can contact Rich Robinson through the MCFN website here.

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